It's Pretty Awesome (That Thing You Do)

Running a Pilates Studio is different.


You are doing something amazing for your clients every single day. 


How amazing would it be if more people knew that you could help them feel great?


What if you were able to attract clients who really want more of what you do, and retain them to fill your schedule (and those of the other teachers in your studio)? 


Can you imagine how different your business (and your bottom line) would be?


I bet you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true. 


But, it’s not.


I won’t lie. It takes effort


Because it takes effort for change to happen. 


The effort doesn’t look like overwhelm, it looks like stepping out of your comfort zone, reflecting on your skills and talents, and learning new skills so that you can be in the best position to share your message with the world.


When you talk about your business with confidence and passion, amazing things happen. People start to take notice of you. You take control over where your business is heading.


If you want to be in that place. You need to check out Empowered Branding.


It’s a branding, marketing and sales course created just for boutique fitness businesses like yours. 


You’ll find out how to define your brand and express your brand.


You’ll find out how to market your business in a way that works for you. Cookie-cutter solutions don't work because I know that your business is different. 


This is an online program with 1:1 coaching and you get to meet and learn alongside other studio owners who are just like you.

I want to help you find success

If you are keen to find out more - lets set up a virtual coffee and we can talk through whether this is a good fit for you. I will tell you straight. That's a promise.

Enrollment is open now.

Program begins October 8th.