How To Stop The Marketing Overwhelm


Hey there, 

I want to talk to you about one of the sneaky ways we can get "stuck" in our businesses.


If you are an active marketeer of your business, as in you send regular emails to your client list, are active on Facebook, run promotions, set client challenges, have your own hashtags etc etc then you will know that this marketing thing can be a time-consuming business.


It’s no joke!


Did you know that the average internet user has 5.54 social media accounts?


How crazy is that?


Trying to reach across an ever expanding number of platforms can be completely exhausting. 


On top of that, perhaps you are also sending direct mail flyers and putting up posters around town.


Ever wonder how on earth are you supposed to stay on top of that and do your real job of serving your clients?


Feeling overwhelmed anyone? Yep - me too.


How do you keep up with  ALL.THE.THINGS?


It’s challenging enough for a marketing pro who sits behind a desk all day let along one who is teaching, instructing and servicing clients in a studio.


Let's take control.


Choosing where you should “be” is the first step to getting back on track.


So, which do you choose? Where should you “be” online?


The answer lies at the intersection of:

  1. Where like to be
  2. Where your clients like to be


If you aren't a pinterest person. Drop it. Not a SnapChat superstar? Not a big deal.


That said, I definitly encourage email simply because again and again it shows to have the biggest return on investment. 


Facebook reaches most social media users and you can do some pretty interesting things with advertising there, and Instagram is growing in popularity especially in the wellness community. Content is shifting to be live and more personal.

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One thing that I know for sure - it's all pointless if your clients aren't there!


What does that mean for you? YOU choose where and what to post. Don’t follow a crowd that doesn’t reflect who you are and what you do. Your social media strategy has to align with your brand and your business goals.


So, if you are trying to post to every possible social media platform out there in the hopes of reaching more clients then I would seriously encourage you to revisit who your clients are, where they are and what they want. 


AND, who you are, what you do and what YOU want.


Who knows... you might not need to make all that effort after all.