Turning New Clients into Loyal Clients

Hey there, 


I really hope the new year has bought some new faces into your business. After all, it’s that time of year - there is a ton of opportunity just waiting to be embraced fully with open arms.


And I hope that’s exactly what you have done! 


Getting people through the door, however, is just one part of the puzzle. 


After all, without a devoted loyal client base who champion your studio, running a business can get very tiring very quickly. 


Turning new clients into loyal clients is crucial and doing so requires a bit of a plan and a ton of intention.


Once you’ve attracted the right people into your business it’s up to you to keep them coming back for more.


Good client service is expected in today’s world


And delivering it is pretty simple - but it does take effort to do it right.


Focus on making your clients feel they are there for more than a workout and you will be on the right track. 


Train your front desk staff and all your instructors to get familiar with names, pay attention to details and be personable. The more welcome, inclusive and open you can be to all clients (old and new) the more likely they are to come back. 


Make absolutely zero assumptions about why your client is in your studio. Don’t assume it’s because they want to “get more flexible”, “do more cardio” or “get stronger”… there is often more to it and it will pay you back in buckets if you can figure this one out! No matter what you think a client wants, you won’t know for sure until you open up that conversation, and don’t hesitate to do just that. Think about who in your business is the right person to have that conversation and when is most appropriate. If you offer only 1:1 sessions then it might be easier to do this during one of the early sessions or consultations, as a class based business, you might have better luck if an instructor follows up after class in person or over the phone.


Getting to know your clients really well is a fantastic investment of your time and energy.


Nurture your relationship with your clients as you would any other relationship


If a client has been missing from the studio in a while, send a quick text or pick up the phone to check in and invite them back. 


This is the time of year to max out your client service - add a couple of extra hours of coverage to your front desk and focus on making your clients feel comfortable and part of your studio space. Make it as easy as possible for your client to be there and to come back, time and time again. 



What works best for each studio can be quite different - I can help you figure out what is the right approach to growing your business. Why not take a 1:1 session and we can work on this together? Hit reply and let's find a time to talk.


~ Seran