Tips For New Pilates Studio Owners

Hi there, 

We are all in different places on our boutique fitness business journey. Perhaps you are in the early days of studio ownership. Perhaps you just got your space, perhaps you just started to rent space and are thinking about that website that needs building.

The early days are about finding your feet and doing what you love. But, if you have got big plans for the future then there are some things that you can be doing to help shape success for yourself and your business journey.


1) Be ready to market and make connections : network locally and don’t hold back! Distribute flyers or postcards in your local community - wherever you think your clients go and have great - no, make that AMAZING - signage. Adwords and Facebook ads are also awesome (if your clients are online and the type who will take notice!)


2) Get really good at talking about what you do (as in really, really good). Know how to introduce yourself and your business in a way that is compelling. Always have a way to bring people into your business - carry a business card or be prepared to take down contact info and return that call! 


3) Set up a great intro offer and have a process in place to retain new clients through the intro offer period into regular sessions. I.e. Follow up with this new clients and guide them towards their next package.


4) Know your numbers inside out. Track your revenue, number of visits and your new clients at a minimum. This will help you manage your growth and plan your next steps.


5) Everything else: 

  • Negotiate all costs and be especially careful about fixed costs (especially rent!).
  • Learn about people management and mentoring if you plan to hire other instructors.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you and support you. That can be a friend, mentor, fellow instructor or business coach. You're going to need people to bounce ideas around with.


Finally, make sure you give yourself space and time for success to build. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


I know that it may feel a little early to think about investing in business coaching but sometimes an hour or two to work through the kinks and get yourself set up properly can save you time and stress in the long run. Don't worry, I'll tell you if it's too soon for us to work together and send you some tips and other helpful insight instead.

Get in touch and let me know


~ Seran