Don't Make These 5 Business Mistakes

"There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.” Richard Bach

I prefer a positive proactive approach to business building. But, there is a place for a little reminder of some of the things we should all avoid. Mostly because from mistakes we can learn. And, as the above quote says, we need those lessons to move on.

Here are a few of the issues I've observed over the past few years of coaching and consulting with studio owners... and I've also included some suggestions for how to overcome or avoid them. 


Mistake 1: You do everything yourself

Instead: Hire sooner than you think & invest in training 

This is the primary issue with any owner-operator. The job of running a business alone is work enough. Teaching a full schedule along-side that can become overwhelming. Investing in yourself and in your business by learning new skills, hiring professionals or training staff is the only way that you will be able to step away for your business for a break or have the time and energy to grow beyond your individual teaching schedule. When you are also the creator of what you sell, its all the more important to off-load jobs and tasks wherever possible so that you can focus on the work that only you can do.


Mistake 2: You don’t promote what you do

Instead: Be yourself and share insight in the most authentic way

No-one wants to be a pushy salesperson. Your business is not about the hard sell. However, being active on social media can help you to become a regular presence in peoples everyday life. Represent your business to the fullest degree possible, not by being pushy, but by doing what you do and sharing that without question. Helping others will bring people to you. Informing your friends and followers of the latest studio updates, highlighting success stories, or make it a little more personal by sharing your favorite workout or exercise!


Mistake 3: You don't track your numbers

Instead: Make a system and put it in your calendar

Yes - numbers can be boring and tracking them can be time consuming. But this activity is amazingly effective at ensuring you and your business stays on track. Regularly reviewing and evaluating your chosen key numbers (or Key Performance Indicators - KPI’s) keeps you accountable, helps you to get clear about where you should make changes and gives you a tool to help guide your growth strategy. Make it part of your month-end admin. This is a must-do!


Mistake 4: You don’t test new idea’s

Instead: take small steps

You only learn, evolve and progress by trying something, adapting and growing. You have to start with something. No matter how small that first step - it will take you closer to where you want to be.


Mistake 5: You are always waiting to finish X first and then you’ll get to Y. 

Instead: Think Action not Perfection!

People often think that they need to wait until the perfect moment to do something, or until they have perfected their service or product before they share it with others… successful people understand its not about perfection, its actually about doing. Then doing some more, then reflecting and doing more, fixing what doesn’t work, then doing more. Waiting until the timing is perfect keeps you stuck. Set yourself a goal, keep plugging away, adapting, testing, changing, evaluating, evolving... and progress and success will follow.


If you read these “mistakes” and they are a little to familiar.. get in touch. I can point you towards some other resources and articles that can give you some guidance on how to turn it around.




P.S. And because I feel bad about being a negative nancy - here are some pretty flowers to make you smile!