How to Make the Most of Your Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are an incredible resource for a studio business. 

When you are asking your clients to do something that is mildly uncomfortable for them and pay you in the process, you have better be damned good at letting them know why they should be there. 

Trying out a new fitness studio or a new class can be intimidating, in fact, for most people it is. It is unfamiliar, challenging.. and uncomfortable. 


Testimonials validate the decision to try.

Testimonials confirm you as trustworthy.

Testimonials establish your credibility.

Testimonials feel relatable, personal and sincere.

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And, the fitness industry is full of empty promises and quick fixes. Just because you are telling the truth, doesn’t mean people will buy from you.


Not all testimonials are created equal. So what can help?

How can you highlight the amazing work you do inside your pilates studio?


Photo’s help. Research on increasing perceived trust, or “truthiness,” shows that photos make facts and statements more believable. Photo’s of faces help most - seeing faces can increase the empathy we feel toward other people. So if you want to add credibility to your testimonial - show them a picture of a real person.


Stories make the results seem real and achievable. “Great class!” is always nice to hear but we’ve seen it 1000 times before. Cookie-cutter testimonials just don’t get you the attention you need. Well-told stories wrap us up in the details especially when they describe the before and after of their experience in your studio. The details matter and are what makes the testimonial relatable.


Relatable? Part of the purchase decision is knowing that other people like them are doing this too. The testimonials have to come from people who are relatable. We’re generally more interested, trusting, and favorable toward people who reflect who we are or who we want to be. What does this mean? First, it’s better to feature customers that potential buyers can relate to and it can help to “informalize” your testimonials to a certain extent. It it’s too perfect - it won’t seem authentic and genuine.



There you have it, some quick and easy tips to help you use your clients testimonials inside your fitness studio.

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