How To Stay On Track Toward Success In Your Boutique Fitness Business

The first question I ask when I meet studio owners is a simple one:  tell me about your business.

The questions that soon follows: 

Where are you heading?

What is your vision?

Where do you want to be in 3 years?


Knowing the answer to these types of questions is often the difference between going sideways or moving forward.


Here's the thing; we all have a list of ideas for things that could happen. Designing an athleisure clothing line, opening a studio in Bali, becoming an author, doing retreats and building equipment are some I've heard since I started consulting 5 years ago.

And I love every single one of them.


Don’t they all sound like AWESOME ideas?


And that’s the problem.


That’s not a plan.


That’s a list of ideas.


Don’t get me wrong I love lists… (as in I LOVE LISTS!)


… but a list isn’t a vision!


You will see a ton of opportunities come your way as you grow your boutique fitness business.

Some may seem like an easy way to make a few quick $$. Some may feel like no-brainers. 


But if you are looking to make real money. You need focus. Focus on creating value and not simply getting more income.


To grow you have to focus on growth. Build your business like a business. Use tools, systems and plans to get you there.


A business that is creating value has a different way of working than a business that exists just so you can pay your bills and take a vacation.


A business that creates value can be sold. Your income stream cannot.


Be cautious about chasing shiny opportunities with promises of mega payback or an easier life. 


It’s not usually easy to build the business of your dreams. But it is (usually) worth it.


Stay true to what you do - and do it well. 


REALLY well.


Focus on the needs of your clients. Build relationships, a network and a community.


Talk about what you do often and talk more about your impact. 


Do what you are able to be passionate about day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.


Focus on taking that forward with integrity, and long-term recurring value and income will come with it.


What is your focus? I'd love to hear (yes - really!) so let me know here