3 reasons why your client list isn't growing

Frustrated, disheartened, sometimes even defeated.

That’s how so many teachers feel when it comes to growing their client list.

These are skilled and talented instructors who find their revenue bouncing up and down uncontrollably despite doing all the “right” things like sending newsletters, posting on social media and even the occasional insta-story!

In these scenarios, 99% of the time, there is a missing piece of the puzzle. Some disconnect between you and your potential clients that is not enabling them to take that next step towards working with you.

So I want to share some of these missing pieces I see when working with studio owners and instructors.

Spring Three | Grow Your Client List


1. No one knows who you are

Despite your best efforts and checking all the marketing boxes you aren’t getting any more new clients and it’s so frustrating because doing All The Marketing is so time consuming with the constant social media updates, pictures to post, emails to send and blogs to write.


And, you’ve finally built a website that was more time consuming than you ever thought (how does everyone else do it?) but still just a small trickle of clients come your way.


People not knowing who you are is probably something that you’ve worried about from the day you stepped up and decided to take this journey.


So while you may have enough clients to get by, your business isn’t thriving like you want it to. It’s not giving you the freedom and flexibility you hoped for. And every time you get a new client who buys a package - it’s a HUGE relief. 


Why doesn’t your marketing bring you more business? Maybe the marketing activities you are doing reach people who ALREADY know who you are. 


Are you connecting with people you are already connected with?


I see this ALL the time.


If you want NEW clients, then you’ve got to get yourself in front of NEW people and create some interest and awareness for you and your business. What does this look like?

  • Sponsoring local events
  • Getting into local newspapers
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Paid Advertising
  • Local referral and networking groups
  • Co hosting events with other business owners


All of the above get you in front of new audiences which you can make your own. So, if you’ve been struggling to get more clients, it’s time to get out from behind your studio doors and start meeting new people.


2. They don’t understand what you do (or what you can do for them)


Pretty much every single business lists the features of their product or service in their marketing.


Features are factual statements such as:

- Batteries included

- Open 24 hours


But features aren’t what triggers that buying decision.


If you only talk about the features, you are missing out on huge opportunity.


Features are important, but you must share why that feature has value. Then it becomes a benefit.


And benefits are what your clients buy.


When you know that your favorite yoga pants aren’t see through when you’re mid-downward-dog, you’re far more inclined to buy than if you are simply told what material they are made from.


Benefits answers the question “what’s in it for me?"


- Batteries included means that you can use the product straight out of the box

- Open 24 hours means you can shop anytime


When you try to sell based on the features, you are making the customer do all the work to figure out whether they want that feature and why it is valuable. Allowing them to fill in the gaps and make assumptions. You are also setting yourself up to be directly compared to your competition.


Your features are comparable. But benefits are far more specific to you and your services.


To be able to sell your services effectively - make the connection for them.


If you describe your services based on features you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to share the value of what you do 


When people understand the value - the results and benefits - they stop comparing you on price.  Big Win!



3. No Plan For Your Clients


We’ve already talked about some of the ways you can get yourself in front of new audiences, but what happens next?


What happens when a new client takes that first step on their journey with you to get in touch?


What happens when they come through the door? 


During their first session? 


And what about when they leave?


A customer journey is the process we take people through to move them from simply being aware of our business to becoming a long-term loyal client.


During this journey, you ask them to become your client.


Or perhaps, like many, you don’t. You let the client wander through your business (and right out the other side). 


This happens when there is no clear path, no next step, no plan. Or sometimes, you ask, but you ask so quietly, so uneventfully, that it gets totally missed.


A defined customer journey takes the client on a clear journey from becoming a new client to a fully fledged retained client and then potentially a mega-champion of your brand and business.


This doesn’t need to be complicated. 


This is about being clear with the message you are sending your clients at every step of the journey and letting them know what they should do next to proceed. 


If you talk about the benefits and results to your new audience, but you don’t let them know what they should do next - where can they find you, or what service you recommend  (or you are not finding a way to follow up) then your efforts will be pointless.


One easy place to make a change is on your website. Put yourself in the shoes of a brand new visitor. 

  • Are you inviting in your new clients and making them feel special? 
  • What are you sharing about you and what you do? 
  • How are you guiding them through the booking process? (Hint: make your first time client offer front and center!)
  • What do you tell them?
  • Is it clear and EASY?


All of these suggestions for how you can get more clients inside your business work together harmoniously and when you implement consistently, you’ll find your new client numbers start to move in the right direction.

Good luck!


p.s. Inside Empowered Branding we go step by step through the process to fill in these gaps and find out where and how you can make small changes that have a big impact in your business.


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