3 Reasons Why Customer Experience Matters

Spring Three | Marketing for fitness studios

If you deliver an incredible pilates (or barre or spin or HIIT) class but don’t have amazing customer service to match… guess what else will be missing? 


In this highly competitive boutique fitness industry, incredible client service and client experience is an enormous contributor toward what makes one business successful and another fail.

Good customer service is part of your marketing AND part of the value you deliver. Time and time again, I hear the atmosphere and sense of community inside the studio is a big part of what keeps clients coming back for more pilates (or barre or spin or HIIT).

It’s what can set you apart and help you to increase your list of loyal long-term clients.

New clients? Check

Increased retention? Check

Revenue growth? Check

Here’s why delivering a highly-engaging high-quality customer experience matters:

There are really only two things people consider when they are deciding to purchase from you. The first is do I have enough money? The second is will this improve my situation? In the first, the only advantage you can have is lowering price, which obviously is not great for profit. But, the second is where you have the opportunity to really WOW your clients with unforgettable client service that sets you apart and establishes you as a high value problem solver. 

You have clients who are social. What do they talk about? Everything. Yup - everything. We all love to talk about our experiences and the experience clients have in your studio is no different. Clients will talk about something that is either amazing or absolutely awful. So true - right?!

You don’t want to be in the latter category, and you don’t want to fall in the middle where you don’t get a mention at all. Studios who take really good care of their clients and are consistently looking to elevate the client experience get a constant stream of referrals.

Social media makes everything louder. Before social media ruled our world, one client with a bad experience didn’t destroy a business. But today, a single review can make or break the desire for a new customer to give you a try. Instead of shying away from managing the way your studio is perceived, you have to step into the driving seat and take control of your message by sharing the impact you have on your clients and in your community. Know what you do well, know how to share it and share it often!

Good customer service is the same as good marketing. 

Invest the time in designing and delivering an experience for your clients that will elevate your value, your business, and your bottom line.

Good luck!