5 reasons why studios lose clients

Spring Three | Business Consulting

We all know that we can’t do this alone.

Growing a profitable studio business takes more than one set of hands.

A team of strong, proactive, professional instructors and support staff is needed to help you grow your fitness studio to places you could never go alone.

I speak to fitness studio owners almost every day about hiring and managing a team. And …how to create the A-Team. With the average boutique fitness studio in the US hiring 14 team-members - that’s a lot of people (and personalities) to manage!

Over the course of the past 10 years I’ve spent a ton of time thinking about what does and does not make a good instructor. As an instructor myself, I’ve been through the self-discovery process of figuring out what is important to me in my role, and as a consultant to many studios this topic comes up ALL.THE.TIME

During that time, I’ve discovered (and been told) why some instructors and studios just can’t seem to make clients stick… some of these reasons may seem pretty obvious but if you’re an instructor or are thinking about making your next hire, this might help you avoid the pitfalls of low retention.

Here are just a few reasons why studios and instructors lose clients:

Negative talk

Clients walk in to your studio to escape the stress and negativity of the real world. Instructors and team members who don’t make your clients feel amazing just for being there shouldn’t be there either. 

Learning tip: what drives you as an instructor? Get clear on this and share it with your clients. They want to know what motivates you too!

Having zero awareness

Some clients love to be touched. Others don’t. Some clients love non-stop cueing. Others don’t. Being aware of those small cues (think body-language, eye-contact) that show these preferences will go a long way. So, if a client tenses up when you touch them, or if they aren’t making eye contact… be flexible to their needs.

No welcome for students

Uh oh! Did a new client walk in and out again without a proper welcome? That cannot happen. Ever. It doesn’t matter how popular or talented the instructor is…Everyone who represents your studio is responsible for making new clients feel at home. 

Learning tip: Training your teachers on this is crucial. If you are an instructor and don’t get training on this - get in touch… I can give you some pointers to help.

Too busy to chat

If your instructors are too busy to hang out after class to chit chat, or if your front desk person has their head phones on… you are losing out on the opportunity to engage and nurture the client relationship. It’s these small things that improve retention. That means that your clients spend more (for longer) at your studio which in turn means your bottom line goes in the right direction.

Key insight: your clients come to your studio for MORE than a workout.

And finally…..

The number one turn-off for any client? A studio that isn’t clean. Time and time again research has shown that this is a Big reason why clients stop visiting. No excuses here - you have been warned!

What am I missing?

What experiences have driven the way you engage with your clients - positive and negative. Let me know hello@springthree.com