Why You Need To Share Your Enthusiasm (More)


Is your studio or fitness business in alignment with who you really are?

As a leader, your fitness business is a big reflection of you. This has likely evolved from your own personal view, philosophy and mindset around what you do.

Having passion for what you do is essential for success << TRUTH

And that passion for wellness is probably the reason you do what you do. You set out on this path because you had more than a little enthusiasm for what you do. Alongside that you had the desire to share it with others.

Speaking passionately about something you love, naturally draws others to you.

Have you noticed how really charismatic people express themselves articulately and have just the right amount of self- confidence - a confidence in what they do or stand for. They talk about their passion in a rich and clear way that draws people in.

And… did you know that charisma can’t be faked because the verbal and non-verbal cues have to be consistent and not conflict with one another.

Your body language shows your natural charisma - you are always sending out signals that are being perceived by those around you - whether you are aware of it or not.

But, we all know that your body language reflects your state of mind. If you feel anxious, your face will show it. And if you feel nervous, your body will show it.

So charisma starts with your mental state!

And, when you are talking about something you are passionate about, you are naturally at your charismatic best! Because what you are speaking about is fascinating and beautiful to you :)

So, if you feel like you’ve lost the spark, perhaps it’s time to tap back into your own natural charisma? To rediscover that passion and vibrancy that gets people listening?

Here are a few questions for you to think about:

  • What is the root of the enthusiasm you have for what you do?

  • What got you excited about it in the beginning?

  • What is it you love about what you do?

Being enthusiastic about what you do is absolutely essential for inspiring others to join this journey with you.

Your purpose is your vision for the impact you make on the world with your unique set of strength, talent and experiences - your drive and commitment to the future.

And, it is your combination of passion and purpose that makes you stand out. Don’t let that light go - it’s your secret weapon to success!

Good luck this week!
~ Seran


Build a better website: 3 tips for fitness & wellness studios

I’m super excited to share with you this amazing article from my friend Connie who is amazing at all things websites (especially when it comes to fitness studios). Check out what she has to say about building a better website…. Enjoy! :)


Build a better website | Spring Three Pixality

It’s no secret that your website serves an incredibly important purpose for your business. It’s where potential clients come to find out who you are, what you do and what you’re all about, and it’s where new and returning customers can check your schedule and book classes or appointments.

But your website is also so much more than that.

It’s an opportunity to take your customer on a journey— one where they ultimately become the type of loyal client who recommends your studio to all their friends.

I know it sounds a bit like marketing magic, but think about it! If you go to into a shop and it’s absolute chaos and you can’t locate anything you need or flag down the help of a sales assistant, are you likely to keep coming back or recommend it to a friend? Not likely!

Your website works in a similar way. You can’t just lead your customers to your website, and then leave them to fend for themselves. You need to figure out what journey you want them to go on in order achieve the most desirable outcome, then make their next step ridiculously clear.

But how do you do that, exactly? By taking these three steps!

1. Understand your customer

For the average fitness or wellness studio, there are only two different types of website visitors. First, there’s your existing customers who need a quick way to access their account, check how many passes they have left and sign up for their next class. They’re going to skip right over most of the content on your website enroute to the page where they can get things done.

Then, you have your new potential clients, who could still be in the researching phase of their buying decision. This group is who most pages on your website are primarily for. They need service descriptions, answers to questions and welcoming first step towards attending their first class.

You want to make it as easy as possible for both groups to get exactly what they need — and fast.

2. Be a good (web) hostess

Now that you know who your website is for, it’s important to use that information as a filter to determine what should even be on your website. Remember, just like your business, your website is not for you— or about you! It’s about the transformation you can provide your clients. So look at your home page through the eyes of you client. What are the scanning for? What jumps out and grabs your attention? Is that inline with what you know to be true about the actions they need to take?

The most obvious place to start when it comes to creating a website that ‘flows’ is your main navigation — the menu bar that normally sits at the top of the page. The menu items in this section need to be relevant for both your customer groups. Plus, you don’t want to overcrowd it and give your customers decision fatigue! A good rule of thumb is to stick with 7 or less choices in your main navigation and minimize complex drop-down menus when possible.

For your existing clients, you’ll want to make your Schedule and Pricing links are prominent and clearly labeled. Resist the urge here to hide them in a drop-down menu or give them cute, branded names. Clarity wins out over cleverness everytime!

On the other hand, your soon-to-be clients will likely need more information before they’re ready to jump in. This is where your About and Classes pages come in. You may also want to consider having a page titled Start Here or New Clients to have an area to speak directly to newbie concerns. (Tip: testimonials from actual new clients and an FAQ section are great content for this page!)

3. Link it all up

Now that you’ve got intentional pages in your main navigation giving your website visitors the first step in what they’re looking for, it’s time to finish the tour and guide them to their final (at least for today) destination. This is done by including a single button with action text (called a “call to action”) at the bottom of each page.

For studios, all roads ultimately lead to a page where they can either book or buy: typically those all-important Schedule and Pricing pages we mentioned above!

You may also want to create a page just for your intro offer, so that anytime your call-to-action is for your specific intro offer you’re able to link directly to a page where they can easily claim that offer, not be directed to your general pricing page with a slew of options they have to sift through.

However you design your book and buy pages, allowing your website visitors to checkout without leaving your website builds trust and makes for an even more seamless customer journey. To do this, check with your studio scheduling software to determine if they offer embeddable widgets.

New to using widgets? A widget is a powerful piece of code you can cut and paste that will bring key functionality from your scheduling system onto your website allowing your clients to purchase and book without ever leaving your site. MINDBODY’s system of widgets (called Branded Web) are available with all subscription levels. You can watch a tutorial on how Branded Web widgets work on Squarespace websites here.

Want to make sure your studio's website has everything you need to attract and convert your ideal clients?

Get Connie’s FitBiz Website Checklist for free here:


Connie Holen is a digital strategist, designer and Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant. She specializes in helping fitness and yoga studios make a name for themselves online by creating websites that are easily found, easy to update & give your customers an amazing experience with your brand—both online and in the studio. Learn more at

Top Tips: Building A Referral Program


Word of mouth marketing ranks high on the list when it comes to ways to grow your client base.

In fact, it is pretty much the most common answer I hear from studios when I ask them about their marketing efforts and how clients find them

Referrals are awesome for your business. We love, love, love them.

Why do they work so well to bring business? Because you’re more likely to trust the recommendation from a friend who you know and who knows you!

92% of people trust recommendations from their friends

I mean, there is nothing more compelling than hearing a trusted friend give rave reviews of something (it’s the reason I own a weighted blanket, an aromatherapy diffuser and a Yeti cup!)

Now, you don’t need to wait around for them to come to you. You can encourage referrals from your clients and having a referral program is how.

An effective referral program can really super charge that process and create a win-win for you and your clients. It’s a pretty low-cost way to bring in new clients and data shows that clients who are referred by their friends are more likely to buy more and stay longer.

Another plus - your clients get to mix their workouts with some social time ❤️

Having a steady flow of new clients come through the door is up there on the list of priorities when it comes to business building and long term success.

So, let’s get your referral program buzzing. How?

Have a compelling offer that is appealing to both your existing client and their friend. You can choose to reward only the client, but incentives for both your current client and your new client help make it a no-brainer to give your services a try.

Keep it simple. Be clear about what the incentive/rewards are. If you over-complicate it you risk losing interest from both your clients and their friends

Nurture the new relationship. Your client has trusted you to deliver a phenomenal experience for their friend - don’t let them down! Go the extra mile and take great care of the new relationship with a service-focused onboarding system with lots of touch points to check in on them and make sure they are having a fantastic client experience.

Tell people about your program!!!

Your clients get hit with many, many marketing messages each day... don’t let yours be forgotten. Repeating yourself often helps to keep this opportunity at front of mind so mention it in your email blasts, put signs up in your studio, and generally talk about it twice as much as you think you should.

** It is common for referral programs to not get a ton of love and attention. :( Many studios have one but don’t tell their clients about it frequently enough - don’t make that mistake! Keep it relevant and well known to everyone in your community! If you do a good job promoting your program - it will deliver for you!

Clients who join your studio community as a referral tend to stay longer, spend more AND the initial sale is much, much easier. 

Plus, you know what they say, friends who work out together, stick together.

(Well, maybe that’s just me)

But, if your clients bring their social circle to your studio then they are more likely to stick around longer in your studio. It can only mean good things for you.

So... encourage your clients to bring their friends, entice them with a compelling offer and woo them with your amazing studio and services!

Good luck!

Ready for January?

It’s no surprise that January is a busy time for fitness studios and gyms!

New memberships peak at the beginning of the year and having a solid January promotion or challenge in place is absolutely critical to bringing new clients into your business.


Talk about your challenge or promotion NOW!

Are you advertising your January promotion or challenge yet? If you have something to promote in the New Year, start talking about upcoming promotional events or challenges ASAP!  Starting early helps to raise awareness and create buzz around your promotion. It really helps to create momentum for your promotion among your most loyal studio clients. And, it can also give you more time to reach potential new clients who may looking to kickstart their healthy habits in the New Year.


How can you build momentum for your New Year Offer? By giving lots of inspiration and motivation! Use all of your marketing channels to inspire and motivate not only potentially new clients but current and old clients as well.  Offer valuable tips and information through blog posts, social media posts and newsletters. This information will inspire clients to get off the couch and signed up for your event! Yay! Your inspiration will make people feel good and encourage potential new clients to check out what you offer at your studio.


Follow Your Sales Process

Like any business owner, you should have a sales process in place for bringing new clients into your studio.  Make sure that all of your preparations before the promotion or challenge are in place so that you can handle clients efficiently once it begins. This is things like holding a staff training, writing out FAQ’s about your promo and making sure your marketing materials (flyers and posters) are all visible and relevant!

Connect with all your potential clients through emails, newsletters and other marketing avenues. Doing this helps you to build a relationship with them, which is the first step to helping them become clients.


Your marketing should also demonstrate ALL THE VALUE of the products and services you offer. Show potential clients how you can help them solve one or more of the problems that they have with the use of some amazing testimonials or by telling your clients how they can get the best results from your services.


Address any questions or concerns potential clients have about signing up. Ideally do this BEFORE they even ask! How? Take note of the most common questions so that you are prepared to handle them when they come up again in the future. Once you’ve handled those last questions, it’s time to close the deal and get those new clients signed up and into your studio!


Know What Your Clients Want to Purchase

Do you know which of the services and products you currently offer are most popular with current clients? If so, chances are that potential clients will also be looking for the same thing. Know exactly what those services are and be ready to make recommendations. Make it simple for new clients to get signed up for the classes and services that are right for them.


Don’t Forget Current and Former Clients!

While it’s important to market to bring new clients into your studio, it is just as important to continue offering high quality classes, services and products to your current clients as well! And don’t forget to also reach out to former clients who may not currently be coming to your studio.  This can be a great opportunity to win back those clients and make them active clients again.


It’s important to get prepared for your January promotions early so that you can be ready (and waiting) for January sales.

Early preparation is the key to bringing in the new clients you want for your studio!

Good luck!