Consistency In Your Marketing

Spring Three - Pilates Studio Marketing

If you think back to the commercials you remember from your childhood, you likely can recite them verbatim - why? Because you heard them over and over and over again!

Their jingles and catchy phrases burrowed into your brain forevermore.

Media and advertising are evolving by the minute, and everything has gone digital. So how do you become memorable without a super-sized budget? Or a catchy jingle?

Or heck, how do you even grab a person’s attention long enough so they will listen to your brand message?

Luckily, the thing you need the most is FREE: Consistency!

When you are building a brand and a business, being consistent in your message is critical. You teach your clients what to expect, then you show them they can count on you to deliver.

Your brand becomes foundational to your marketing because it’s often the part clients can see and touch. It’s everything from your logo to your colors to how your studio is designed and decorated. It’s also the energy of the studio, how your instructors interact with clients, and the way your sales process makes your clients feel.

Think of your brand as the promise you make to both current and prospective clients. Your job is to make the promise then fulfill it every single day for the life of your studio. It helps to think through a client’s experience with your business from the very beginning.

What’s their first interaction with your studio?

Do they drive by it or see an ad on Facebook?

Do they come in for a free class and are shown around the studio by your front desk staff?

Or do they commit online without visiting?

Then.. what happens next?

How are they invited into the fold?

How do you follow up?

You get the idea.

Step through the entire client experience and imagine what it’s like to be your ideal client or prospect.

Are you being consistent?

Does the brand promise you made in your marketing and studio come to life?

Your brand - and your brand message - needs to be consistent.

Once your brand foundation is solid, it’s time to market your studio.

You want to choose marketing vehicles (email, social media, flyers, etc.) that you can stay on top of and that are effective for reaching your ideal client.

I find it’s best to choose a couple of platforms and do them really well instead of spreading yourself too thin and not managing to keep up.

Again, consistency is paramount!

If you choose a regular newsletter/email (and I hope you do!), then try to send it to go out the same time every week/month. Through your consistent and regular communication, you will teach people to expect - and anticipate - its arrival.

The same goes for social media. Post on a regular cadence and build consistency in your topics as well. Maybe you start a “Tip-Tuesday,” or your class schedule is shared on Saturday for the coming week. Whatever you do… commit to it.

Marketing your studio does not have to be overwhelming and scary!

Start with the foundational elements and grow over time.

Woody Allen once said, “99 percent of life is showing up,” and that’s true for marketing as well.

Show up for your clients and they will show up for you!