Facebook & Instagram: what's coming next

Spring Three

If you’re plugged into the world of digital marketing you’re probably aware of the recent Facebook conference (F8) where they unveiled some BIG changes to their focus and priorities.

Just like Apple, Facebook uses their conferences to unveil updates to their app and roll out new features, and I’ve been hearing a lot of rumblings over the past few weeks about what we can expect to change… so, I wanted to share with you what I know…

The conference was all about HUMAN CONNECTION and Facebook will continue to evolve to encourage MORE of that.

You might have noticed that groups is now front and center on the app. It’s their HUGE move away from being a source of news to enabling and supporting online communities. They want us all online connecting with each other in the most authentic and real way possible.

What does that mean for your business?

Videos, stories, lives and engagement is where it’s at.

I’m totally addicted to Instagram stories and it seems we all like them… a lot! And that’s exactly where both Facebook and Instagram are putting more and more emphasis. To maximize the benefit of this shift, post a story as often as you can. This can be a mix of video, photos and graphics. There is so much you can do so get creative! Perhaps show what your studio looks like, show a clip of a live class or share your teachers saying hello. Ohm and be sure to use the tag feature, and the stickers to make them fun and engaging!

Stories can also be a fantastic marketing tool! Stories are powerful because they have built in urgency, since they expire in just 24 hours... it seems we are all liking the content that doesn’t stick around. So your story should be a trigger to drive people to your website, to book a class or share your most recent promotion.

IGTV is something else Instagram is heavily focused on - it’s how they compete with YouTube. Know that Instagram will reward people for using it's newest feature (i.e. you’ll get more eyeballs on your content) so hop on there as often as you can to share something cool about your studio, perhaps feature some classes or tutorials!

Overall, engagement is what the algorithm is looking for!

And, it’s not about the number of likes or the number of followers anymore… your account will get more attention when you’re engaging with your community. This looks like people watching your videos for longer, scrolling through your carousel pics, comments from your followers AND you replying to their comments.

Let’s not forget that Facebook owns Instagram where you’ll soon see the Likes feature disappearing completely (Nope - not a joke!). Will Facebook eventually do the same? They didn’t mention it - yet.

What else?

Events are getting a massive overhaul and redesign - a clear indication that this is something they are mega focused on and clearly part of the initiative to help connect people, bring people together and keep people on the platform. Use events to promote workshops, special classes or open house events in your studio.

And … incase you were wondering… posting consistently is pretty much a given. If you can do it live… that’s going to get you ranked higher. If not - use a scheduler. I still love Later, Hootsuite and Buffer.

Going forward, continue to look for ways to create connections via these platforms and don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Use your brand promise and tag line often, be real, and post inspiring, relevant content and you’ll be sure to weather whatever changes come our way.

Good luck!