How To Connect With Your Clients (and sell to them too!)

You hear me talk a ton about branding. I love a strong brand with a strong brand message that you can immediately associate with - or not!

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I love branding because it is the heart and soul of what you do, it’s what makes you unique and memorable and distinguishable. Strong brands have a real awareness for what they do - and that is very special. And when I work with the amazing studio owners I am fortunate enough to go deep into what they are all about.

To succeed in your business, you must know without any doubt that your product or service is beneficial to the client. You have to know and understand the value you offer and deliver day in day out.

And then, you have to know how to connect what you do with what your clients want.

If the consumer or client is not happy - you do not make money. 

Getting someone interested in you and your product, starts with being sincerely interested in them. 

Why are they here?

What do they want?

But sometimes it’s not quite as easy as simply asking those questions. Sometimes your clients don’t really know for themselves. So, you have to be a bit of a detective to figure this out.

When you are selling anything , you must ask questions to understand.

And - remember to listen. 

Understand the problem and be a part of the solution.

The number 1 secret to selling is : Understanding the needs, hesitations, frustrations and fears of your clients. 

70% of all buying decisions are made based on how a person feels. Emotions and intuition plays a huge part in the purchase decision.

Every single one of your clients have their own set of fears, frustrations and hopes (no matter how they seem on the outside). 

Remember clients don’t always really know what they want - they can’t verbalize it. 

And, if they can’t figure it out… it’s part of your job to help them to connect the dots.

I have found that it becomes very easy for studio owners to forget about the incredible value they bring to the world.

It can be easy to lose sight of the truly amazing changes your clients achieve with the help and support of your studio.

Finding the right words to convey what you do is crucial to making the association between what your client is looking for and what you are able to offer them.

I love helping studio owners rediscover the impact they have on their community and truly understanding the value it adds on both a functional and emotional level. 

If you know how it helps - you know why it is appealing.

So there you have it, selling begins when you are asking the right questions, listening and learning and helping your clients to make the change they want in their life. 

If you do these things, the opportunity to nudge the client to visit more frequently, refer their friends or become a member will present itself - and that is the perfect time to make the sale.