How To Stand Out On Social Media

Spring Three | Pilates Business Tips

Social media has attracted attention to the fitness and wellness space like nothing else.

Whether it's posting a daily workout, favorite healthy lunch or the view from a morning hike, standing out and differentiating yourself in this crowded market takes time and creativity.


But it can be Oh So Worth It.

The attention it can bring your business is priceless!


Videos and pictures posted by Pilates Studios, Barre Studios, Yoga Studios and other boutique fitness studios increases community engagement! 


But, let's not ignore the fact that there is a TON of competition to get eyes on your posts - just about every brand is on Social Media and there are your weekend workout warriors, yogis and everyone in between. 


Fact: standing out is not easy.


So, what chance do you have. What can you do? Here are my top tips:


Stick To Your Studio Brand 

When you are sharing content, one of the goals is to show people how it feels to be in your space as a client in your business. You do this with the tone you use in your copy, the graphics you use and of course the words you choose. All of this has to align with who you are and what you do. This is your opportunity to showcase what you do and what you promise to deliver to your clients. Are you about hard hitting results, a sense of community or total serenity? Be clear on what message you want to send and make sure all your content is consistent with that theme.


Vary Your Content

Popular accounts have a mix of content that empowers excites, educates and engages. They post workouts, studio news, helpful hints, funny quotes, celebrations of success, instructor insights and more. It never gets old! Get some ideas for how to boost awareness for your business in this


Know Who You’re Talking To

Although you can reach a huge audience (read thousands ++) the reality is that to really resonate and incite action and interest  you need to  know who your target audience is and post content that is relevant to that group of people. Being general and vague unfortunately means you aren’t really engaging anyone… so focus on who you want to focus on!


Make a Plan

When you lay out your promotions and content over the coming weeks and months, it is far easier to plan what and when to post. You can create content in advance and balance your content vs promotions ration right around 80:20 where most marketers agree is the sweet spot. A plan also help you keep the content fresh by rotating through the ideas list in the freebie attached. 


What other strategies do you use to keep your content fresh and inspiring? What challenges do you have when it comes to social media marketing? I'd love to hear - drop me a line and let me know.

Good luck :)