How to Use Email to Keep Clients Engaged

Seran Glanfield | Spring Three

If you’re like most studio owners, you’ve probably been collecting emails from past, current, and potential clients for a while now. If so, that’s great! Those emails can be a valuable tool for marketing your business.

However, you may have run into some snags when it comes to the best ways to use your email list. That’s okay. You are not alone! Many small business owners struggle with the best way to use the emails they collect. I want to share some helpful tips that will make using those emails to engage your clients much simpler!

I want to tackle two of the biggest questions I get asked by my coaching clients.

The question I hear most is: “How often should I email clients?”

It would be nice if there were a definitive answer to this question, but there’s not. That would be way too easy, right? The truth is, no fitness studio is the same, so the answer might be different for each studio.

But let’s dive into this a little deeper because I want to help you uncover what works best for your fitness studio business!

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If you have already been using your list to do regular marketing campaigns, then the first thing you will want to do is take a look at your analytics. Those numbers will give you valuable information that can help you decide on how often to send emails.

Take a look at how many people you have on your list. How many of them are opening the emails you send? And how many are clicking links you have in your emails? What is the average amount of people that unsubscribe each month?

You can use these numbers to begin testing different email strategies. As you check each strategy, look at how these numbers are affected. You will start to see either positive or negative patterns that can help you understand what works best for the people on your list. If you see more engagement and lower unsubscribes, then you know that strategy is a keeper.

But what if you haven’t been doing regular email campaigns?

If you want to build relationships with potential new clients and engage current clients, then it’s time to make creating regular email campaigns a priority! If you send random emails once in a while, then your subscribers won’t know what to expect from your business. In fact, many will even forget who you are!

Consistently sending out emails to your list can actually show potential clients that you are reliable and trustworthy. Both are fundamental values for your business to have. If clients don’t believe that you are trustworthy and dependable, they are much more likely to take their business elsewhere.

It is all about building a relationship with both current and potential clients. And using emails is a great way to continue nurturing the relationships that you’ve already established.

The second question I get asked is: “What should I write?”

Every email needs to be relevant to those on your list, or it will be deleted. So share lots of useful information, educational tips, and insight into your studio business.

And please remember to keep it short and sweet! Everyone these days suffers from an inbox that is overflowing with emails. If you send emails that are too long, you run a higher risk of people hitting the delete button, instead of reading your content. If there is something that you want to go into more detail about, have it on your website and share the link in your email instead!

Most businesses send one email a month. But I recommend that you send a minimum of one email a week. If you are running a special promotion or challenge, then you will want to increase that number.

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Generally, I find that studios send fewer emails than they should. So if you feel you might be doing too much, you are probably right in the sweet spot!

What’s the best way to show your email list you care? Send a ‘hello’ email to new clients and introduce your studio, stick to a regular and consistent schedule for sending emails, and share relevant and inspiring content that your clients want...and need!

Let’s chat about building email campaigns that engage your clients! Click here to schedule your FREE introduction call. I can’t wait to hear from you!