Delegate Like A Pro

Seran Glanfield | Spring Three

Have you ever thought this:

“It will just be faster to do it myself.”


“But they won’t do it the right way!”

Yup - we’ve all been there.

But - here’s the thing: delegating effectively is critical if you want to grow your studio business.


After a certain point it is detrimental to both you, and your business, to have a single person be 100% responsible for every aspect of your operations. 

And, I get that finding the right people and trusting them with your business can feel risky.

The key is to hire people to to the jobs you don't want to do (or are not very good at). But know this: there will be some responsibilities that always fall on your shoulders as the studio owner.

But to delegate well means investing in having the right people around you. Building a well functioning team to operate your business or help you operate your business relies on trust, support and communication.

And, clear communication is so vital!


Don’t make any assumptions about what your staff know or should know. To avoid frustration be very (very) specific about what you want them to do and when you want them to do it!

As the leader of the team, define what you are looking for your team to achieve and clearly communicate this when they are hired and then frequently on a regular basis - during team meetings for example. 

Putting responsibilities in writing is also helpful, use checklists or task lists to help your team stay organized and on top of their responsibilities. And, be clear about what “done” looks like!

It is likely that you will need to provide training to every single one of your staff members or team . And that training should span days (not hours!). Use your checklists during this training and document of all the points you would like to share when onboarding a new staff member so you can use them again in the future.

Finally, ensure that your team is properly rewarded. Don’t expect your staff to work for free!

Top tips when delegating:

  • Check in on a regular basis - for ongoing tasks make sure your team has everything they need to complete their task

  • Expect questions and mis-steps - this is part of learning!

Avoid micromanaging (or fake-delegating!)

Remember, adjustments take time. The philosophy of "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" WILL eventually lead to either burnout or stagnant growth... and no one wants that!

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Good luck!