How You Know You're Making Progress

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Effective decision making is at the heart of any entrepreneur’s success.

When it comes to managing a boutique fitness studio it’s no different. You wear SO many hats. As a teacher, scheduler, admin, cleaner, marketing maven, HR pro and super sales person you make hundreds of decisions each day that impact the success of your business.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working in your business ALL the time, and not spending much time working ON your business.

But, I can’t encourage you enough!


Even though numbers may not be where you want to spend your time, keeping track of certain data will support you in reaching your goals. FACT.

Let’s say one of your goals for this year is to attract new clients to your business. Now would be a good time to use your booking system to see how many new clients came to your business and importantly whether they came back. Get a baseline number before you start any new marketing techniques. Then, when you offer a new promotion or pay for advertising, you’ll know whether or not it really worked.

Or, if you are already investing in marketing campaigns or a PR company then tracking how clients were referred to your business or where your ad was seen, will help to guide you in determining where you should be spending your hard earned dollars going forward. 

Tracking your progress is the first step toward success

(and numbers don’t lie).

Reviewing a certain set of KPI’s regularly can really help to guide you forward. How?

1. Your goal becomes part of your everyday life vs a long-shot dream

2. You can make adjustments early on so that you stay on track. You can see what works and what doesn’t and adapt accordingly.

3. You can celebrate achievements as you move towards your goals (this is SO important for you and your team!)

Open up an excel spreadsheet and make a note of the numbers that you most want to improve this year. What reports can you run or other data do you need that will help you make good choices and lead you toward your goal?

small changes lead to big results

Make tracking your numbers part of your system for a healthy business.

Good luck!