It's All About Attendance

Spring Three | Fitness Studio Consulting

Most wellness and fitness activities need to be a regular habit to get the top benefits.

(I know - I’m stating the obvious here!)

The more your clients visit your studio, the more comfortable they feel, the more progress they make and many of the initial feelings of hesitation and intimidation (and all the other things they tell themselves like: Is this going to work?Is this worth the money? This is too hard) diminish or even disappear.

To help your clients get the most out of their sessions they must, must, must become a regular face inside your studio. 

And 2 times per week seems to be the sweet spot - a great goal for you to aim for.

So what goes wrong for most people? How can YOU as a studio owner get your clients in the door more often?

I see two places where there is usually an opportunity to do better:

  1. Recommending to the client how often they should come to get the most out of their sessions

  2. Pricing your packages to encourage attendance

For #1 - this comes down to your ability to talk about the workout or service in a way that is compelling to your clients. I’ve got tons of articles (and programs) geared toward this. Get in touch and I’ll send some your way :)

It’s under #2 that I actually see the biggest disconnect.

I’ve heard people say: 

“I like it when clients buy a 5 pack - I make more per session!”


“I don’t want to sell unlimited class package. What if they come every day - I’ll lose money!”

While both points are not wrong - it is a rather short-sighted approach to business building

(Btw - most clients on an unlimited do not come every day. In fact, it’s always amazing to my studio owners at how infrequently their clients visit - even on an unlimited monthly class package). But, I digress… let’s get back to the point…

When I ask studio owners what type of clients they want, they tell me they want clients who are loyal, clients who visit not just week-after-week but year after year. They want clients who tell their friends to come too. They want clients who show up on time. They want clients who pay on time. 

They want these clients because these clients are worth so much more.

They are less hassle and… guess what?!

They spend MORE over their lifetime as a client.

If you look at your client spend over the last year… it’s usually the person that comes most often the has spend the most (again - I’m stating the obvious if you are an appointment based business - but this is also the case for a class based business!)

So, if you are interested in growing your business, increasing your revenue then focus on getting your clients through the door MORE frequently over a LONGER period of time.

Think about how much your client is worth to you over the life of their time with you (lifetime value). What do you want this to be? What do you want your clients to spend at your studio on average over the entire year? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Have you checked out your Biggest Spenders report? Or perhaps your average client spend? These are other useful numbers to look at on this topic!