Marketing Plans & Metrics For Your Studio Business

MARKETING your pilates studio

The number 1 goal for most small businesses is growth.

Growth in profits, clients, reach and market share.

As a studio business you should expect your business to grow each year. More and more people are spending more and more of their income on fitness and wellness.

You get growth by strategically marketing your brand, business and products or services.

Did you know?

Businesses that have a marketing plan grow by 10% vs those without

Did you know?

Businesses that have a marketing plan AND measure metrics grow by 60% vs those without.

Pretty shocking numbers right?! 

Being proactive (vs reactive) about how you are perceived by prospect clients and how you interact with your current clients sets a solid foundation for strong and sustainable growth.

Being proactive about marketing your fitness studio business looks like:

1. Being 100% clear about who you are and what you do, what makes you special and why people should take notice

2. Have a marketing calendar that lays out all your upcoming events, promotions and topics or themes for your communication. And then implementing that plan.

3. Actively tracking what works and what doesn’t

4. Making changes according to what the numbers tell you

Let’s dive in a little deeper:

#1 is all about your brand. If we’ve ever worked together you’ll know I’m a HUGE believer in getting crystal clear about what you offer that makes you unique, and how you can talk about that with your clients for maximum impact.

(Btw: If you don’t do this… step 2,3 and 4 can get messy and frustrating)

Step 2 is all about organization. You can access my marketing planner here. I use this in my business to plan my marketing but also any other areas of focus throughout the year.

Step 3 is all about using your reports. Not sure which ones matter? Start with these three:

  1. Number of new clients each month

  2. Number of intro offers sold

  3. Referral source

And also track this:

  • Year over year retention

Step 4 is all about being proactive and managing your assets (staff, budget etc) and efforts optimally. If a marketing effort is not performing as you would like, then make a change (fast!). Or if something is going really well - do more of it! Remember to use your numbers to drive these decisions - not your gut!

Marketing your fitness studio is an opportunity to get creative and network - enjoy it…. but make sure the numbers are telling you what you want to see!

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Hit reply and let me know.