One Easy Way To Grow Your Biz!

As a studio owner, your email list is one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips - literally! 

It's a direct line to the attention of your past, current and potential clients.

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But from conversations I've had with studio owners and managers, I know that the fear of being overly intrusive is very very real.

But I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't be quite so worried about showing up in the inboxes of your clients.

Here's why:

70% of ALL businesses send a follow-up email to new clients

20% of those send a second follow-up email

You still have a one-in-five chance of getting a response from the second follow-up and a 25% chance of hearing back from any other follow up emails you send.

Yeah - pretty interesting numbers right?!

So what does this mean for you? 

If you want your business to make the most of that email list you have built over the years, you have to use it!

Giving clients the opportunity to engage with your studio is part of properly representing your business

Now for some more data.

30-50% or more of new clients won’t come back to visit your business within the first year. Ever.

That’s a lot of missed opportunities!

Imagine if you could re-engage them? Imagine what that would do to your revenue? Imagine if you had never lost them to begin with?

Deciding how and when to send those follow up emails can be tricky. Especially if marketing isn't really your jam.

So it’s natural (and easy) to do nothing in order to avoid coming off as pushy or annoying.

I get it. Finding the right balance is tough.

Here's the key - it's all about having a system. And you, as the business owner, get to design a system that works for you.

That system could look like a welcome email to a new client before they arrive with details of what they should expect.

It could be a follow up email after their first session to see how it went.

And, it could be a couple more emails to that new client to make sure they are enjoying their experience and offering a little more guidance on how to get the best out of their time in your studio.

This follow-up method doesn’t just apply to new client.

Heck, no!

Check in with all your clients regularly, after a particularly tough workout or on a special occasion.

Remember that client who came every week for months but you haven’t seen for a while? Or that client who took a vacation… and then never came back. 

And the best part? This can be automated so you don't need to be sitting behind your screen to make this magic happen!

Following up adds real value to your business. As in, boosting-your-bottom-line type value. Be proactive and consistent with your emails. Use them to educate and guide your clients through your business. Above all, make them easy to read and relatable.

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