Get Ready For Summer Without The Slowdown!

Seran Glanfield | Marketing

It’s official we are getting close to entering the “summer slowdown”….


Now, as you may know, it’s pretty typical for attendance to decline over the next 2-3 months as clients are juggling travel, family time and other schedules change.


But there is no need to let that stop you…there are tons of ways that you can continue to build and grow your business during this time.

Wondering how? I’ve got some ideas right here just for you!


Your clients will appreciate a change of scene and some extra vitamin D so why not hold a session outside in the fresh air? Equipment free classes in the park, running (or walking) clubs and functional outdoor workouts will add some variation to your schedule and challenge your clients!


I’m not talking a total pricing restructure… but what about a summer intro special? Remember with Intro Offers you can change prices and promotions really easily. Summer’s a great time to run some short-term promotions for the clients that stick around and they could even bring some new people through the door. Perhaps offer an extended intro period or how about combining different services into one package?… With the goal of converting those newbies into long-term clients obviously ;)


Why not open up your studio to a community event, class or workshop? It’s a friendly way to introduce yourself and your business to new clients. You could also consider partnering with a local charity - pay it forward!


Try holding a challenge that will keep your regular clients engaged during the juggle and schedule changes. Create a TON of buzz around it with lots of fun ways to keep everyone inspired and motivated. The more your clients visit your studio - the longer they will stick around as a client!

Think R.E.T.E.N.T.I.O.N!


With more peeps outside in the summer than any other time of year, up your signage game with a sandwich board, posters in your window or leaflets that passers by can pick up. Tease passers by with exclusive offers and INVITE them to try a session via your intro offer. Don’t be shy!


Be proactive about managing your schedule and think about what your clients will be able to do during the summer months. Are their schedules different because school is out? But, perhaps they can come to an earlier or a later session? Can you offer kid-friendly classes? What about partnering with a local child-care facility? Get creative and find a way to help your clients make their workouts a fixture in their calendar!

Have an awesiome summer you guys!