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Let's review your pricing :)

Pricing your services is a sticky subject. There is no doubt about it.

Whether you are pricing a single session, a package or a membership option for appointments or classes. It can be tricky.

And what happens when you offer all different kinds of services?!

Argh! It’s enough to make your head spin!

Recently, we’ve seen the boutique fitness market evolve when it comes to pricing. 

When boutique studios really started to take off around 9 years ago, a major selling point was the no commitment price model. Studios sold packages of 1, 5, 10 or 20 plus sessions or classes. 

And clients loved it.


At that time, there was a big shift away from big box gym memberships that seriously lacked the community and support of a smaller studio. These were usually long term commitments but didn’t necessarily encourage regular attendance

So when studios opened offering amazing classes without a long-term financial commitment, clients were happy to pay (and often a little more) for something that bought the results.

Buying classes and booking in advance put an end to that little last-minute voice saying: “bail!”

Knowing that you’d already paid for a session was motivation enough to get off the couch!

And, everyone was excited about being part of a tribe and seeing friendly faces.

However, over the past 3-5 years, boutique studios across the board have increasingly begun to offer a monthly membership model which both the studio owners and clients seem ok with. 

Kinda interesting since that is what folks wanted to get away from in the early days!

So… why does this make sense now?

For studio owners a membership price model is actually a good thing. Those gym chains were onto something! Regular stable revenue is good for business longevity. You can plan and budget with more certainty - because your cashflow is more consistent. 

It is super helpful from an admin perspective as you are not chasing clients to purchase a new package or ask for monies owed. Once you have made that initial sale, the payments are automated and so the admin hassle decreases.

For clients, there are some overlap to the benefits. They too appreciate less admin time - they can schedule as they like online and especially enjoy the freedom and flexibility of unlimited memberships.

The membership model is also more conducive to helping the client actually get results - in most cases a class or session once per week is just not enough to get the benefits most are looking for. TIP: check out your attendance analysis report and see how frequently your clients visit - you might be surprised!

That said, most studios continue to offer an option to purchase a package although the price point is usually less appealing to the client than a membership price point. Packages are usually priced higher per class than a membership option. 

Of course, there is a lot of work that goes into running a studio with a membership pricing model - think sales processes, marketing etc. And, just like everything, it won’t be the right fit for everyone. But, perhaps, it is something to consider?

I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts - email me at and let me know if you’ve tried this or are interested!

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5 Tips To A Sell-Out Pilates Workshop

Workshops and studio events are becoming increasingly popular for teacher training and clients alike.

Spring Three | Pilates Business Consulting


I know that from many of my conversations with you studio owners like you that workshops and events are things that you’re thinking about doing or you already have  lined up.


Hosting workshops or retreats are a fun and creative way to build awareness and buzz in your boutique fitness studio (or wellness business) as well as adding a little extra profit to your bottom line.


But a successful pilates workshop takes effort and planning.

To create a sell out event, you will need to be organized and prepared to market yourself and your business. 


Want to plan a workshop in your boutique fitness business?


Here are my top tips:


Set the date well in advance. Depending on the type of event you will need to give yourself enough time to generate interest in the event and for your clients to plan accordingly. For an event you are hosting in your studio you will need 1-2 months to pull together all the details (and ideally you are lining up dates 3 months out) for an event where travel is necessary, you may need to plan further in advance.


Set your pricing strategy. Workshops are a premium service and typically are longer in length with a specific focus and structure the regular classes, so they should priced according to that value. That said, an early bird rate is a great way to get early sign-ups and create a sense of urgency in your promotions.


Market early and do plenty of it! You have to be ready to broadcast your event to the world. Don’t hide! Posters, social media, leaflets and flyers are a must. But it doesn’t stop there. If you aren’t talking about it, you can’t expect anyone else to either. So get chatting with your clients about what you have in store and get them excited too! 


Make registration super easy (and have a system). What information do you need from the attendees and what do they need to know from you? Make a list of what’s included and what should they expect as well as what they should bring themselves. Do they need a mat, notebook or water? Put this information together well in advance so you can send details as soon as you get sign-ups.


Be ready to deliver an exceptional workshop. Your clients will keep coming back for more as long as they love the way you make them feel. Remember - it’s ALL about the experience!


I’d love to hear how your events have gone - what worked well and what didn’t? Hit reply and let me know!