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A strategic plan for your marketing

Seran Glanfield | Marketing

Are you looking for success in your business? Then it’s likely you’re also looking to grow - grow your client base, grow your revenue and grow your team.

Growth (in all of the above) is much more likely to happen if you have a marketing plan in place. After all, this is when most potential clients learn about the products and services your studio offers.

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Did you know that businesses with a marketing plan in place grow an average of 10% a year compared to those that don’t have a plan?

And businesses that have a marketing plan AND regularly measure metrics grow up to 60% a year.

That kind of growth can be a huge deal for your studio!

So, how should you use a marketing plan and metrics for your studio business?

I’ve come up with four easy steps!

  • First, you need to be 100% clear about who you are and what you are offering in your business. You have to know this so that you can effectively communicate to potential clients what makes you special and why they should take notice of your studio.

This is ALL about your brand. If we’ve ever worked together, you’ll know I’m a HUGE believer in getting crystal clear about what your studio offers that makes you unique. Knowing this can help separate you from the competition. And it makes it so much easier to talk to clients about what you offer in a way that has more impact.

  • Next, you need to have a marketing calendar in place. On this calendar, lay out all of the upcoming promotions, events, topics, or themes you will be using for your email and social media marketing. You will use this calendar to create all of your campaigns and communication.

This step is all about organization. When you get your marketing organized, it will set you up for a whole lot more success than if you fly by the seat of your pants! Remember, consistency is the key to helping you build and nurture relationships, and that’s what you are doing with your marketing. Having a calendar is going to help you make sure there are no gaps in communication. You want to keep that communication coming regularly.

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  • As you send out your marketing emails, make sure you begin paying attention to your metrics! You will want to keep an eye on your analytics so you can track what is working and what doesn’t. Track the engagement levels with your email marketing and your social media marketing… this will give insight into what your subscribers, followers and clients like hearing about.

Inside your business, don’t forget to use your reports! If you aren’t sure which ones to start with, I always recommend looking at how many new clients you have each month, how many intro offers you’ve sold, and who referred new clients. Those metrics can give you valuable information about where you should focus your marketing efforts!

  • Finally, use the numbers you’ve been tracking to make adjustments to your marketing. This is all about getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck. If you’re marketing one way and it isn’t performing well, get rid of it….fast! You’re much better off spending time, effort, and money on marketing strategies that are going to perform well for your business. It’s essential to use the numbers to guide the decisions you make, not your gut!

I hope you find these four steps useful. Following these steps can help you fine-tune your marketing so that you have greater success growing your business.

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How to Use Email to Keep Clients Engaged

Seran Glanfield | Spring Three

If you’re like most studio owners, you’ve probably been collecting emails from past, current, and potential clients for a while now. If so, that’s great! Those emails can be a valuable tool for marketing your business.

However, you may have run into some snags when it comes to the best ways to use your email list. That’s okay. You are not alone! Many small business owners struggle with the best way to use the emails they collect. I want to share some helpful tips that will make using those emails to engage your clients much simpler!

I want to tackle two of the biggest questions I get asked by my coaching clients.

The question I hear most is: “How often should I email clients?”

It would be nice if there were a definitive answer to this question, but there’s not. That would be way too easy, right? The truth is, no fitness studio is the same, so the answer might be different for each studio.

But let’s dive into this a little deeper because I want to help you uncover what works best for your fitness studio business!

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If you have already been using your list to do regular marketing campaigns, then the first thing you will want to do is take a look at your analytics. Those numbers will give you valuable information that can help you decide on how often to send emails.

Take a look at how many people you have on your list. How many of them are opening the emails you send? And how many are clicking links you have in your emails? What is the average amount of people that unsubscribe each month?

You can use these numbers to begin testing different email strategies. As you check each strategy, look at how these numbers are affected. You will start to see either positive or negative patterns that can help you understand what works best for the people on your list. If you see more engagement and lower unsubscribes, then you know that strategy is a keeper.

But what if you haven’t been doing regular email campaigns?

If you want to build relationships with potential new clients and engage current clients, then it’s time to make creating regular email campaigns a priority! If you send random emails once in a while, then your subscribers won’t know what to expect from your business. In fact, many will even forget who you are!

Consistently sending out emails to your list can actually show potential clients that you are reliable and trustworthy. Both are fundamental values for your business to have. If clients don’t believe that you are trustworthy and dependable, they are much more likely to take their business elsewhere.

It is all about building a relationship with both current and potential clients. And using emails is a great way to continue nurturing the relationships that you’ve already established.

The second question I get asked is: “What should I write?”

Every email needs to be relevant to those on your list, or it will be deleted. So share lots of useful information, educational tips, and insight into your studio business.

And please remember to keep it short and sweet! Everyone these days suffers from an inbox that is overflowing with emails. If you send emails that are too long, you run a higher risk of people hitting the delete button, instead of reading your content. If there is something that you want to go into more detail about, have it on your website and share the link in your email instead!

Most businesses send one email a month. But I recommend that you send a minimum of one email a week. If you are running a special promotion or challenge, then you will want to increase that number.

I’ve put together a few templates you can use to inspire your own emails for your studio (or simply copy and paste!). Click here to get your copy of this amazing value packed download

Generally, I find that studios send fewer emails than they should. So if you feel you might be doing too much, you are probably right in the sweet spot!

What’s the best way to show your email list you care? Send a ‘hello’ email to new clients and introduce your studio, stick to a regular and consistent schedule for sending emails, and share relevant and inspiring content that your clients want...and need!

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Client List Isn't Growing

Grow Your Client List | SERAN GLANFIELD

Have you ever felt disheartened, frustrated, or even defeated when it comes to trying to grow your client list? Is your revenue inconsistent, even though you are doing everything right with your marketing? As frustrating as it is, unfortunately, this is something that many studio owners and their teachers go through.

I’ve worked with a variety of studio owners who send out regular newsletters and are proactive on social media. They are on top of their marketing game but are still not getting results.

Here’s one thing that I’ve discovered: Even though these studio owners are doing the things they ‘need’ to grow their client list, 99% of the time there is a missing puzzle piece. And it’s this missing piece that prevents potential clients from taking the next step to becoming a loyal long-term client.

I want to break down the top three reasons why your client list isn’t growing so that you can begin to put the puzzle together for your business.

They don’t know who you are

This is probably the biggest concern you’ve had since starting your business. If no one knows who you are, how are you going to get new clients?

And, if you’re checking off all of your marketing boxes, i.e. posting to social media often and sending out newsletters, but new clients only trickle in then I might know where the problem lies.

It could be that you are only connecting with people who already know you? This may be a missing puzzle piece for you…. and I see this happen all the time!

If you want to bring in new business, you have to get information about your business in front of new people. You can do this by sponsoring community events, getting into local newspapers, speaking at regional conferences, doing some paid advertising, joining local networking groups, and co-hosting events with other business owners.

These are the types of activities that will help you introduce your business to new people so that you can grow your client list and reach a wider audience.

They Don’t Understand What You Do

...or (more importantly) what it can do for them.

Most businesses list the features of their product or service in their marketing. The features are the factual statements such as “batteries included” or “open 24 hours.” Features are important to discuss but aren’t what will convince people to spend their money with your studio.

In order for people to pull the trigger and sign up to work with your studio, they need to understand what the benefit is for each of those features.

That means getting clear about the value of each of those features, and describe exactly how is it going to benefit your potential client.

The benefit of having batteries included means that the buyer can begin using the product right out of the box. And as a 24-hour business, that means people can shop any time, at their convenience.

If you only share the features of your business, you miss out on a HUGE opportunity to communicate the value of what your studio offers - don’t make this mistake!

You Don’t Let Them Know You Have A Plan

You’ve worked to get your business in front of new people, but what happens next?

…What happens for a client when they take the step to reach out to your business, or when they walk through the door for the first time?

…What about when they take their first class or even when they leave?

The client journey, when done right, can convert ‘first-timers’ into long-timers. But for this to happen, you need to show you have a clear plan - you need to communicate that to your potential clients.

At every step of their journey to becoming your client, let them know what they should do next (for example: where they can find you, or what services and products you recommend).

One of the easiest and best places to make this change is right on your website. You’ll need to put yourself in the shoes of potential clients.

Ask yourself these questions as you look at your website:

* What are you doing to invite new clients to get in touch?

* What are you sharing about your studio and what you offer?

* How are you guiding new clients through the booking process? Here’s a little hint with this one...make your first-time client offer front & center.

* Is everything clear and easy to understand?

Make the necessary changes to help explain what clients can expect on their journey, and they will be more likely to sign up with you.

When you address these challenges, you will begin to see your client list grow—

and that is good news for you and your business!

Would you rather use your time to work on building out new classes while I focus on strategy?

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Making Social Media Work For You

Social Media In Pilates Studio | SERAN GLANFIELD

Social media is an A.MAZING marketing tool for any pilates studio, yoga studio and barre studio - especially when it comes to motivating our clients and community.

Whether it's posting a daily workout, favorite healthy lunch or the view from a morning hike, it’s clear that followers LOVE to be inspired by the lives of others.

And, the attention it can bring your business is priceless!

The downside?

It takes time and creativity to stand out and differentiate yourself in this crowded market.

We can’t ignore the fact that there is a TON of competition to get eyes on your posts - just about every brand is on Social Media as well as friends, colleagues, friends of friends and their puppy…


Fact: standing out is not easy.

But, I’m not gonna let you give up! I’ve got some ideas to help you with marketing your studio using social media. Here are my top tips!


Stick To Your Studio Brand 

When you are sharing content, one of the goals is to show people how it feels to be in your boutique fitness studio as a client in your business. You do this with the tone you use in your copy, the graphics you use and of course the words you choose. All of this has to align with who you are and what you do. This is your opportunity to showcase what you do and what you promise to deliver to your clients. Are you about hard hitting results, a sense of community or total serenity? Be clear on what message you want to send and make sure all your content is consistent with that theme.


Vary Your Content

Popular fitness and wellness studio accounts have a mix of content that empowers excites, educates and engages. They post workouts, studio news, helpful hints, funny quotes, celebrations of success, instructor insights and more. It never gets old! If you are stuck for ideas, you’ll want to get access to my FREE RESOURCE: 31 Social Media Captions where you’ll find one whole month of social media posts to promote your pilates and fitness studio business.


Know Who You’re Talking To

Although you can reach a huge audience (read thousands ++) the reality is that to really resonate and incite action and interest  you need to know who your target audience is, then post content that is relevant to that wonderful group of people. Beware of trying to cast the net too wide. Being general and vague unfortunately means you aren’t really engaging anyone… so focus on who you want to focus on!


Make a Plan

When you lay out your promotions and content for marketing your pilates studio business over the coming weeks and months, it gets much easier to plan what and when to post. You can create content in advance and balance your content vs promotions ratio right around 80:20 where most marketers agree is the sweet spot. A plan also help you keep the content fresh by rotating through the ideas list in the freebie attached. Inside you’ll find some great ideas for marketing your studio.

What other strategies do you use to keep your content fresh and inspiring?

What challenges do you have when it comes to social media marketing? I'd love to hear - drop me a line and let me know.

Good luck :)

Facebook & Instagram: what's coming next

Spring Three

If you’re plugged into the world of digital marketing you’re probably aware of the recent Facebook conference (F8) where they unveiled some BIG changes to their focus and priorities.

Just like Apple, Facebook uses their conferences to unveil updates to their app and roll out new features, and I’ve been hearing a lot of rumblings over the past few weeks about what we can expect to change… so, I wanted to share with you what I know…

The conference was all about HUMAN CONNECTION and Facebook will continue to evolve to encourage MORE of that.

You might have noticed that groups is now front and center on the app. It’s their HUGE move away from being a source of news to enabling and supporting online communities. They want us all online connecting with each other in the most authentic and real way possible.

What does that mean for your business?

Videos, stories, lives and engagement is where it’s at.

I’m totally addicted to Instagram stories and it seems we all like them… a lot! And that’s exactly where both Facebook and Instagram are putting more and more emphasis. To maximize the benefit of this shift, post a story as often as you can. This can be a mix of video, photos and graphics. There is so much you can do so get creative! Perhaps show what your studio looks like, show a clip of a live class or share your teachers saying hello. Ohm and be sure to use the tag feature, and the stickers to make them fun and engaging!

Stories can also be a fantastic marketing tool! Stories are powerful because they have built in urgency, since they expire in just 24 hours... it seems we are all liking the content that doesn’t stick around. So your story should be a trigger to drive people to your website, to book a class or share your most recent promotion.

IGTV is something else Instagram is heavily focused on - it’s how they compete with YouTube. Know that Instagram will reward people for using it's newest feature (i.e. you’ll get more eyeballs on your content) so hop on there as often as you can to share something cool about your studio, perhaps feature some classes or tutorials!

Overall, engagement is what the algorithm is looking for!

And, it’s not about the number of likes or the number of followers anymore… your account will get more attention when you’re engaging with your community. This looks like people watching your videos for longer, scrolling through your carousel pics, comments from your followers AND you replying to their comments.

Let’s not forget that Facebook owns Instagram where you’ll soon see the Likes feature disappearing completely (Nope - not a joke!). Will Facebook eventually do the same? They didn’t mention it - yet.

What else?

Events are getting a massive overhaul and redesign - a clear indication that this is something they are mega focused on and clearly part of the initiative to help connect people, bring people together and keep people on the platform. Use events to promote workshops, special classes or open house events in your studio.

And … incase you were wondering… posting consistently is pretty much a given. If you can do it live… that’s going to get you ranked higher. If not - use a scheduler. I still love Later, Hootsuite and Buffer.

Going forward, continue to look for ways to create connections via these platforms and don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Use your brand promise and tag line often, be real, and post inspiring, relevant content and you’ll be sure to weather whatever changes come our way.

Good luck!