Using Hashtags - Your Guide

You’ve probably seen this little # around over the last couple years. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way of searching for information and like-minded folks online.

There are two reasons why I think you should start using a #

1. Hashtags have power

2. Hashtags are easy to use (crazy easy)

... And you can harness it for your business. A.Mazing.

Let's dive in shall we?

So, what is a hashtag anyway?

When a hashtag (#) is used as a prefix to a word it becomes searchable on social media. If that word is searched then your post will be part of the results. Hurrah!

Beware: Hashtags are specific.

They behave differently to Google or other search functions in that if you use #pilates it will not show up in searches for workouts or yoga.

Hashtags allow your content to be found.

Without hashtags, you are not capturing the potential of social media (particularly Instagram)

Sounds great. Should I make up my own?

It can be fun to use hashtags specific to your picture or business. We see it often, and it can be entertaining. For example; #thepilatesglow or #onlyhappywhensweaty

But for business, you want to be found. So using hashtags that are so unique that no one will search for them kinda defeats the purpose.

Here's what works:

Using your local town will help clients find you

Using industry-relevant hashtags will help you get found

Using challenge specific hashtags will help you get recognized in your community

Ok, I’m sold. Make me a hashtag pro!

Instagram allows the use of up to 30 hashtags. I recommend using many (up to 25) in your posts so that your followers can add their own in your comments.

Sounds like a lot of typing.

Nope! There is a super easy way to add these hashtags to every post. Keep reading to find out the secret!

You may have noticed that some people are using a lot of space around their hashtags.

The latest technique is to add your hashtags as a comment beneath your initial post. That way your post still is very “findable”, but you aren’t taking up space in the comments section.

If the comments line is longer than a few lines it just gets a […]. To do this, when you create your note you add five lines with a period (.) at the beginning of each and on the last line add your hashtags.

Now, here is the secret!

This is much easier done OUTSIDE of Instagram!


Wait - what?! I need a step-by-step.

Open a Notes or Evernote (or similar app) and enter a period (.) and hit return. Do this five times. Then enter the hashtags you want to use.

Here are some suggestions to get you started: #workout #thesweatlife #healthylife #youcandoit #fitfam #fitspiration

Also add:

# <insert your local town>

#<insert your workout> e.g #pilates #barre #TRX #workout

For example, if you are a pilates instructor you could use the following (just copy and paste this!):







#pilates #pilatesinstructor #teasertuesday #pilatesstudio #reformerpilates #workout #thesweatlife #healthylife #youcandoit #fitfam #fitspiration #pilatesnewyork


Ready to post?

Go to Instagram, upload your photo and add your comments to your picture as normal. Then post as normal.

Next, go to your notes and copy your hashtags including the lines that only have the (.)

Go to Instagram and paste as a comment beneath your post.

Congratulations - you are an #instapro!

See what I did there ;)