The Secret Tactic Successful Businesses Use Over And Over Again To Make Easy Business Decisions

Question for you:


Who is your typical client?

A: Anyone who wants to move

B: People who can afford my rates

C: People like Sally, an interior designer, who loves to take my 8.30am class after school drop off, is focused on making progress in her workouts, motivated, friendly and loves our small community


You might have all kinds of people coming to your boutique fitness studio but when you dive a little deeper, uncover their needs, hopes and goals you’ll find that regardless or occupation or age, they have something in common.


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They are hoping you will help them.


"Help with what?” you say!


And that is when you have to become a bit of a detective.


If you can really get to know your clients - what they want from you and why they are there - then you can make business decisions that will help them more… and you will make more money in the long run.


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Once you know your client inside-out, you will know exactly what to say to attract more just like them. Marketing made easy or what?!


My clients have used this tactic over and over again with great success. We focus a lot of time creating client profiles, discovering more about clients, understanding better how we can help them. It's super fun - and it uncovers a ton of valuable information.


How is it useful? Here are some real-life examples of when a client profile has helped make a business decision:


Thinking about running a new class at 7am, ask yourself; will Sally like this? Will this work for her? 


How about a dreaded price change/increase? Figuring out how you would tell Sally will help you more easily craft a message that delivers the news with less stress and worry about how your clients will react.


And one studio owner recently discovered that her clients are total foodies - they really love to cook and eat out, so she started sharing her favorite healthy recipes and even reviews of local restaurants!


Getting to know your clients will help you better serve them.


Leaving you with happy clients AND more revenue.


Win, win!


Now, it’s your turn!

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are they like? What do they like?
  • Why do they come to you?
  • What are their hopes?
  • What stresses them out?


Once you’ve spent time learning more about your client, ask yourself: 


  • How can I best serve them? 
  • Where am I missing an opportunity to help them get more out of their time in my studio?


Go one... give it a try! 


Good luck!


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