Studio Biz Chat: Pricing, Retention & Facebook Ads

There are some common themes amongst studio owners that crop up from time to time, these are challenges that are faced by small businesses around the globe across industries.

But, as you know, there is no cookie-cutter solution.

What will work for one studio may not work in an identical way for the next studio. Every business has it’s nuances and it own set of unique strengths and that is what makes this journey both a challenge and a such a huge accomplishment!

Here is what I've been talking about this week with studio owners:


Price Increase For Pilates Studio

Tom’s hasn’t raised prices in his pilates studio since 2013. We discussed not just raising prices, but also what a new pricing structure could look like for clients and for the business. After some serious brainstorming and analysis we decided to add membership to the pricing options… although class-based businesses have been using this pricing option for a while - I’ve seen success with private sessions too. Hint: it’s all about giving the client what they need to find success!


Yoga Studio Retention

Donna has been having a ton of new clients in her yoga studio - looking at the number of Intro Offers Sold told us that it’s been a strong few months… but as we did further analysis we saw that those clients weren’t following on to become long term attendees despite a strong follow up process. Hmmm… the answer? Messaging. Focusing on pricing and not benefits means clients are only focused on price too. We spent a ton of time on brand messaging and brand value as a foundation to shift the marketing emphasis to the experience, outcomes and results. The outcome? An exciting new marketing campaign that everyone in the business is enthusiastic about!


Getting More Clients (Fitness Studio)

Finally, Sarah is an established studio owner and teacher trainer. But, new client visits is the lowest it’s been in a while. So we started talking about ways to grow the studios presence beyond it’s existing community of friends and clients. We talked a ton about Facebook ads. And, it can be pretty daunting to create a Facebook ad for the first time. What campaign to run? What is a target audience? 


So I put together a quick how-to guide for her… and I’m sharing it with you! Check it out here!


A facebook ad beginners guide! Get step by step instructions on how to set up a facebook ad in ads manager for your pilates, barre or spin studio!

Do you run facebook ads? What have you seen? What do you want more help with?


Good luck!