Top Tips: Building A Referral Program


Word of mouth marketing ranks high on the list when it comes to ways to grow your client base.

In fact, it is pretty much the most common answer I hear from studios when I ask them about their marketing efforts and how clients find them

Referrals are awesome for your business. We love, love, love them.

Why do they work so well to bring business? Because you’re more likely to trust the recommendation from a friend who you know and who knows you!

92% of people trust recommendations from their friends

I mean, there is nothing more compelling than hearing a trusted friend give rave reviews of something (it’s the reason I own a weighted blanket, an aromatherapy diffuser and a Yeti cup!)

Now, you don’t need to wait around for them to come to you. You can encourage referrals from your clients and having a referral program is how.

An effective referral program can really super charge that process and create a win-win for you and your clients. It’s a pretty low-cost way to bring in new clients and data shows that clients who are referred by their friends are more likely to buy more and stay longer.

Another plus - your clients get to mix their workouts with some social time ❤️

Having a steady flow of new clients come through the door is up there on the list of priorities when it comes to business building and long term success.

So, let’s get your referral program buzzing. How?

Have a compelling offer that is appealing to both your existing client and their friend. You can choose to reward only the client, but incentives for both your current client and your new client help make it a no-brainer to give your services a try.

Keep it simple. Be clear about what the incentive/rewards are. If you over-complicate it you risk losing interest from both your clients and their friends

Nurture the new relationship. Your client has trusted you to deliver a phenomenal experience for their friend - don’t let them down! Go the extra mile and take great care of the new relationship with a service-focused onboarding system with lots of touch points to check in on them and make sure they are having a fantastic client experience.

Tell people about your program!!!

Your clients get hit with many, many marketing messages each day... don’t let yours be forgotten. Repeating yourself often helps to keep this opportunity at front of mind so mention it in your email blasts, put signs up in your studio, and generally talk about it twice as much as you think you should.

** It is common for referral programs to not get a ton of love and attention. :( Many studios have one but don’t tell their clients about it frequently enough - don’t make that mistake! Keep it relevant and well known to everyone in your community! If you do a good job promoting your program - it will deliver for you!

Clients who join your studio community as a referral tend to stay longer, spend more AND the initial sale is much, much easier. 

Plus, you know what they say, friends who work out together, stick together.

(Well, maybe that’s just me)

But, if your clients bring their social circle to your studio then they are more likely to stick around longer in your studio. It can only mean good things for you.

So... encourage your clients to bring their friends, entice them with a compelling offer and woo them with your amazing studio and services!

Good luck!