Top 3 Reasons Why Your Client List Isn't Growing

Grow Your Client List | SERAN GLANFIELD

Have you ever felt disheartened, frustrated, or even defeated when it comes to trying to grow your client list? Is your revenue inconsistent, even though you are doing everything right with your marketing? As frustrating as it is, unfortunately, this is something that many studio owners and their teachers go through.

I’ve worked with a variety of studio owners who send out regular newsletters and are proactive on social media. They are on top of their marketing game but are still not getting results.

Here’s one thing that I’ve discovered: Even though these studio owners are doing the things they ‘need’ to grow their client list, 99% of the time there is a missing puzzle piece. And it’s this missing piece that prevents potential clients from taking the next step to becoming a loyal long-term client.

I want to break down the top three reasons why your client list isn’t growing so that you can begin to put the puzzle together for your business.

They don’t know who you are

This is probably the biggest concern you’ve had since starting your business. If no one knows who you are, how are you going to get new clients?

And, if you’re checking off all of your marketing boxes, i.e. posting to social media often and sending out newsletters, but new clients only trickle in then I might know where the problem lies.

It could be that you are only connecting with people who already know you? This may be a missing puzzle piece for you…. and I see this happen all the time!

If you want to bring in new business, you have to get information about your business in front of new people. You can do this by sponsoring community events, getting into local newspapers, speaking at regional conferences, doing some paid advertising, joining local networking groups, and co-hosting events with other business owners.

These are the types of activities that will help you introduce your business to new people so that you can grow your client list and reach a wider audience.

They Don’t Understand What You Do

...or (more importantly) what it can do for them.

Most businesses list the features of their product or service in their marketing. The features are the factual statements such as “batteries included” or “open 24 hours.” Features are important to discuss but aren’t what will convince people to spend their money with your studio.

In order for people to pull the trigger and sign up to work with your studio, they need to understand what the benefit is for each of those features.

That means getting clear about the value of each of those features, and describe exactly how is it going to benefit your potential client.

The benefit of having batteries included means that the buyer can begin using the product right out of the box. And as a 24-hour business, that means people can shop any time, at their convenience.

If you only share the features of your business, you miss out on a HUGE opportunity to communicate the value of what your studio offers - don’t make this mistake!

You Don’t Let Them Know You Have A Plan

You’ve worked to get your business in front of new people, but what happens next?

…What happens for a client when they take the step to reach out to your business, or when they walk through the door for the first time?

…What about when they take their first class or even when they leave?

The client journey, when done right, can convert ‘first-timers’ into long-timers. But for this to happen, you need to show you have a clear plan - you need to communicate that to your potential clients.

At every step of their journey to becoming your client, let them know what they should do next (for example: where they can find you, or what services and products you recommend).

One of the easiest and best places to make this change is right on your website. You’ll need to put yourself in the shoes of potential clients.

Ask yourself these questions as you look at your website:

* What are you doing to invite new clients to get in touch?

* What are you sharing about your studio and what you offer?

* How are you guiding new clients through the booking process? Here’s a little hint with this one...make your first-time client offer front & center.

* Is everything clear and easy to understand?

Make the necessary changes to help explain what clients can expect on their journey, and they will be more likely to sign up with you.

When you address these challenges, you will begin to see your client list grow—

and that is good news for you and your business!

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