What successful marketers have in common

Spring Three | Marketing for pilates studios

Why do some business owners get results from their marketing efforts and others don’t?

Savvy solopreneurs have a knack for talking about their business in a way that sparks interest in what they do!

They know how to tell a story. They’re precise with their timing, and they have just the right amount of confidence.

When all of these components align, it makes for good marketers—but this skill set doesn’t magically appear overnight.

They don’t just build a website.

They don’t just become persuasive writers.

They don’t just read all of the best marketing books.

They don’t just buy an ad in the local paper.

They don’t just take a marketing course (like mine!).

They are doing other things, too. Many other things!

I’ve found that successful marketers have two things in common:

They have a special type of mindset


They don’t just listen to all the advice and guidance they have read or received.

They USE it!

They try it. They measure. They adapt. Then they try it again. They measure. They adapt. Then they try it again. They repeat this process until they achieve the results they desire.

Learning how to market can be one of the best investments you make for yourself and your business.

Marketing will:

- Get people talking about your business.

- Deepen your relationship with your client base.

- Bring you collaborative opportunities.

And most importantly—marketing done right will get people through your door to make you more money!

None of this will happen if you don’t act. Because real results happen when you are consistently taking action.

Action is at the core of all marketing strategies and campaigns.

Take the initiative to educate yourself. Take the initiative to act.

Q: What does action look like?

A: Engaging and connecting with your clients at every step of their journey with your business.


How would your business transform if you were able to:

  • Retain your existing clients, the ones that contribute to your profitability?

  • Encourage your current clients to make larger purchases?

  • Attract new clients?

  • Learn more about your clients?

  • Lift your profile within your community, raise brand awareness, and build a reputation?

  • Keep people engaged and increase communication with your community?

  • Effectively educate people on what you do while establishing yourself as a credible expert in the industry?

Each of these goals requires slightly different tactics in order to bring you to where you want to be.

Get laser focused on what you want to achieve and then TAKE ACTION to get there.

Not sure where to start? Or perhaps you do but you have questions? I’d love to help. Click here and let’s chat about your future!