Why Branding Really Matters For Your Studio Business

In a world where people can go to any studio, why should they come to yours? 


Branding is more important than ever.

Spring Three | Branding


Your studio brand may seem like an elusive concept but the reality is that for the most successful businesses in our industry, brand is the most important tool available to build meaningful and loyal relationships with clients.


A brand is so much more than a logo, some fonts, a color choice and a theme song! Your brand is what people think of and feel when they hear your name, see your logo or walk into your studio.


It may sound simple, yet nearly every business struggles with pinpointing it’s values and mission, it’s personality and vision.


Brand is such a huge part of how clients decide who they want to work with AND (more importantly for you the business owner) a strong brand helps them select who to work with based on factors other than price.


I love to talk about branding because it truly represents the heart and soul of what you do - it’s what makes you unique and memorable and distinguishable. Strong brands have an incredible awareness for what they do.


Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes I see, are instructors and studios using a generic label to describe the entirety of what they do.



And, while that may be enough to narrow the possibilities, it probably doesn’t compel those people to immediately take action and book a class.


Why? To resonate with clients, you have to share more than that generic description. 


I have found that it becomes very easy for studio owners to forget about the incredible value they bring to the world. And, ironically, it is those teachers who invest large amounts of time and money on continuing education to improve their skills and knowledge that tend to struggle with this the most.


It can be easy to lose sight of the truly amazing changes your clients achieve with the help and support of your studio.

What you do is more than a label can ever describe.

Finding the right words to show what you do is super important to making the connection between what your client is looking for and what you are able to offer them.


You can’t tell people what you do if you don’t know how to say it yourself.


Is it time for a skill upgrade (of the business kind)?


With all businesses, know, like & trust really is the name of the game whether you are in a big city or a small town. 


What does this mean? This looks like sharing more about YOU when you communicate. This communication could be via your website, your email marketing, social media… everywhere.

Inviting people in and letting them get to know you. The more they hear YOU, the more likely they are to trust you.


When it comes to branding, you start with understanding your business inside out.


Often, there is a lot to explore and uncover before you can pinpoint exactly what it is you want the world to know about you.


You have to look inside.


Look for what you do really well, look for what you are proud of, what you really care about and what you promise to deliver to your clients each and every day.


That’s where you’ll find your brand.


Once you understand what your brand is and what you want to communicate to your clients, you can explore all the ways to share and express that in a way that will bring your brand to life. 


That’s when magic happens.


You are best equipped to talk about your business with confidence and passion.


You stand out and become memorable for the exact things you want to be known for.


People start to take notice of you. 


You take control over where your business is heading.





But, I totally get it - you don’t have time to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what works… you need a step-by-step guide to building a solid brand that feeds a fruitful marketing strategy to attract your dream clients.

That’s exactly what you get with Empowered Branding.

Empowered Branding is a 10 week group coaching program where you are guided through online video content, worksheets, tools, and resources to help you get really clear about your brand.

And the best part is that we work together (you and I) to help make sure you know exactly how to use what you have uncovered and implement inside a marketing plan designed specifically for your business.

The next program kicks off on September 24th 2018 and is open for early registration with $100 off if you register before 31 Aug 2018 with coupon EARLYBIRD2018

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