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Who Are Your People?

There is a romanticized notion of entrepreneurs being self-made. Single-handedly changing the world.

Stepping alone into the unknown and rising to every single challenge.

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It’s not wrong, but not entirely accurate either…

(To me, it sounds exhausting actually!)

While it might seem that industry successes are unstoppable pioneers (at least that’s what their instagram feed will have you thinking) the reality is that there is a team behind them pushing them, or pulling them to the top.

Now, don’t misunderstand me - I have MEGA respect for anyone who takes the leap into business ownership. It takes courage, purpose and ambition.

And while successful enterprises may be driven forward by a single leader, that person isn’t usually completely alone. 

As an entrepreneur in the wellness and fitness world (or any business), you need people around you.

People at the end of the phone, people who you can take a walk with or meet over coffee. A support network of co-workers, industry peers, business partners, spouses, family, friends and connections who can bounce idea off of. People who champion your efforts, cheer you along and help you work through challenges.

These people also help to keep you accountable, raise concerns that you (the entrepreneur) may have overlooked and give you honest (but necessary) feedback.

Maybe they ask questions, make you think… and share a new perspective.

Hopefully some of your people have industry experience, understand your business and give you valuable tips about what works…and what doesn’t. These people are the bomb ;)

Regardless of who you have around you. You need a support network.

Business thrives on collaboration, networks and partnerships.

And so do you.

More than business growth, I’ve experienced so much personal growth from connecting with people who I respect, who I can learn from and who I think would be good people to be around. 

They say you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with most - maybe this is true…maybe not - but people DO inspire you and influence you in SO many ways.

Finding the right people to join you on this journey is invigorating personally and professionally.

Who is on your team? 

Who is missing from your team?

P.S. If you don’t have a team but wish you did, I’ve been working on something for a while that you will love. We want to bring together a small ambitious group of studio owners who seek stronger connections with people they can learn from, be inspired by, and get real honest feedback from.

Think 6 months of live calls filled with learning, sharing, listening, Q&A, discussions and accountability check-ins. Offline, you'll get access to a private forum, guides, templates and tools that you can use to help you build your studio business.

And the best part is that this has been a collaboration from the beginning. Inspired Studio Mastermind was an idea born long ago between myself and two lovely studio business consultants who are smart, ambitious and know this industry inside out. Find out more here:

Welcome To Spring (Three)!

Ahhh - welcome Spring!

This season is all about renewal, transformation and new growth. 

When it starts to warm up, we naturally start to have more energy after the colder winter months. Seeds start sprouting, flowers start blooming and everything gets that bit brighter!

It’s a time of inspiration and activity.

It is also the perfect time to renew your commitment to the well-being of your business.

If you have been feeling stagnant in your studio business, perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and seek knowledge and insight from someone who has helped other business owners who have been where you are standing right now. 

Is it time to review your pricing?

Is it time to fine-tune your marketing messaging?

How about a new website?

Do you need some pointers on creating a sales process?

Or maybe you finally need to get a handle on your numbers and those reports in MindBodyOnline...

Green juice, fruits and vegetables, more movement, and great friendships may help move the balance toward a healthier more fulfilled personal life, but when it comes to your business everyone needs a helping hand.

If now is that time for you - let’s set up a free 30 minute intro call.

You can do that by clicking here

Tips For New Pilates Studio Owners

Hi there, 

We are all in different places on our boutique fitness business journey. Perhaps you are in the early days of studio ownership. Perhaps you just got your space, perhaps you just started to rent space and are thinking about that website that needs building.

The early days are about finding your feet and doing what you love. But, if you have got big plans for the future then there are some things that you can be doing to help shape success for yourself and your business journey.


1) Be ready to market and make connections : network locally and don’t hold back! Distribute flyers or postcards in your local community - wherever you think your clients go and have great - no, make that AMAZING - signage. Adwords and Facebook ads are also awesome (if your clients are online and the type who will take notice!)


2) Get really good at talking about what you do (as in really, really good). Know how to introduce yourself and your business in a way that is compelling. Always have a way to bring people into your business - carry a business card or be prepared to take down contact info and return that call! 


3) Set up a great intro offer and have a process in place to retain new clients through the intro offer period into regular sessions. I.e. Follow up with this new clients and guide them towards their next package.


4) Know your numbers inside out. Track your revenue, number of visits and your new clients at a minimum. This will help you manage your growth and plan your next steps.


5) Everything else: 

  • Negotiate all costs and be especially careful about fixed costs (especially rent!).
  • Learn about people management and mentoring if you plan to hire other instructors.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you and support you. That can be a friend, mentor, fellow instructor or business coach. You're going to need people to bounce ideas around with.


Finally, make sure you give yourself space and time for success to build. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


I know that it may feel a little early to think about investing in business coaching but sometimes an hour or two to work through the kinks and get yourself set up properly can save you time and stress in the long run. Don't worry, I'll tell you if it's too soon for us to work together and send you some tips and other helpful insight instead.

Get in touch and let me know


~ Seran

Industry Insight: PMA Conference 2017

I recently returned from the PMA Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA. If you didn’t catch the short video I posted on Facebook and Instagram, you can click play below and check out the highlights!


It was a busy (and very fun) few days catching up with pilates pro’s who have been attending the conference for years, and others who were joining us for the first time. There were interesting and insightful workshops on so many pilates related topics that I left inspired by, and grateful for, this amazingly talented community.


On the flight home, I finally was able to catch my breath and reflect on what made these few days so incredible. I came to the following collection of thoughts:


You Make A Difference

Whether you are working with clients, teaching other teachers or just moving because you want to, you ARE making the world a better place. When you make one person feel good, you become a link in the chain of kindness that connects us all.

Blake Beltram from MindBodyOnline reminded us all of this in his keynote speech when he said “ you’re strengthening the core of your clients’ soul and stretching more than their muscles - you’re stretching their capabilities”. 

In your marketing, if you aren't talking about this, you should be. Your impact doesn't just take place during that 60 minute session - there is SO much more to it than that. (Check out this article: Your Brand Is Your Super Power, or this one: It's Pretty Awesome (that thing you do))


You Are A Part Of A Very Special Community

When you are working alone or in a small studio, it is easy to feel isolated. When you take the opportunity to participate and attend conferences for your industry, you experience firsthand the breadth and depth of who we collectively are. Making new connections is every bit as important as what we learn at these events. Perhaps even, by making new connections we are able to learn more! Together, we are this incredible community of movement innovators with real purpose. When we get together in a room - sparks fly!


You Are Going Places

Every year I am blown away by the talent and knowledge within our industry. From the new research studies that were presented to the lively discussions during break-out sessions. The workshops I was able to attend this year highlighted just how intelligent and smart our community is and how we continue to look for more ways to learn and grow. Cheers to that!


also… You Know How To Party Like A Rockstar!!!


Above all, my favorite part of the conference was the coffee and connect series where we chatted over coffee about all things pilates and business related, from hiring new teachers, building new websites, getting new clients and what the Pilates In America study really told us.

I’m already looking forward to more of the same next year!



Learn From A Fellow Studio Owner: Simona Cipriani

This is a very special day because I'm super excited to share with you this amazingly insightful interview with the wonderful Simona Cipriani. Enjoy!

Simona Cipriani

Simona Cipriani is the owner of the Art of Control and the Educational Director of The Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Training Program. She is a Second Generation Pilates Instructor who studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska, becoming a certified instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method in 1993. Her studio The Art Of Control, is in Stamford, CT.


Describe your business

I started my business in 1997 in Westchester County, New York. So, we are 20 years old this year - it's a big birthday! We spent 10 years at that studio and then we moved to Purchase College. Today, my studio is in Stamford Connecticut. We are part of a beautiful new facility that includes a fitness training, Acupuncturists, Yoga teachers and Massage Therapists.

Here, I have a team of really experienced teachers, and a number of apprentices who are going through my teacher training program. I teach around 15 to 20 hours a week and I have my teacher training program on top of that which involves teaching seminars and mentoring apprentices. I am frequently traveling to teach my program, infact I leave for South Korea tomorrow!


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt as a business owner?

One person can't do it all! Especially, if you are dedicated to teaching and you really enjoy teaching like I do.  I have found that I need get help to accomplish certain tasks in my business that I don't enjoy doing or don't have the time to do.


Biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge has been finding strong, loyal teachers to work in my studio and to grow with my business. I trust my teachers with my clients and finding the right people is not easy. Professional and loyal teachers are hugely valuable in this industry and I have learnt how to trust the right people and avoid people who are negative or not the right fit for my studio.


What do you love most about what you do?

I love to teach. I love to see my clients progress and help them become more healthy and more active. Seeing the change in their body, but also their mind, is incredible. 

Being overwhelmed can take away from this joy, so whenever I find that happening, I always come back to doing what I love, which is teaching clients and teaching teachers.


What skills or actions are most important to running your business successfully?

  1. You need to have passion for the work and the method 
  2. You need to care about the clients making progress 
  3. You need to be courageous! Invest in yourself and your business and be flexible to the environment around you in order to be successful. This takes guts - it’s not always easy.


What is in your future?

Haha - it depends on the day! I love to teach and I love to travel so I see traveling to teach in my future, just as I am doing right now. I will continue to do what it takes to make my studio successful, and I want to continue to invest in my training program and continue build it so that it is accessible to more people! 

Learn more about Simona HERE