The academy - session 4

Meet Hilary...

Hilary is mother of 2 who's children are in school. She has a college degree, lives

in Chelsea, London, has a nanny, a cleaner, and a dog.


Her husband works long hours as a lawyer and does pretty well - infact he is up

for a big promotion next year.


She is image conscious and is bit of a perfectionist. She lusts after the latest “it”

bag and enjoys meals out with her husband at top-rated restaurants on special



Hilary likes to look good, she is careful about what she eats. She reads Vogue,

has her nails done each week and likes to pop to pilates after dropping the kids

off at school 1 or 2 mornings a week.


She likes that she can exercise without having to worry about sweating too much

and she often bumps into her mommy friends who also take classes. It's a bit of

"me" time and she likes that tones her arms and helps flatten her stomach.


Before she goes on holiday she takes a couple of extra classes and would love

to be able to do some exercise at home but doesn't know what that should be.


She finds it really annoying that her 9.30 class is often too full for her to book.


She likes that the instructors know her and know what exercises she likes. She

loves that the studio feels a bit hard to find and exclusive.


She keeps thinking about taking one of those TRX classes to "mix it up”. She is

also thinking about giving Barre a try because her friend who goes says it really

works and besides she thinks maybe her body has "got used" to the pilates.