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ambitious & talented?

ready to make a bigger impact?


Empowered branding | Spring Three
  • How amazing it would feel to open your calendar on Monday and find every available spot booked (and booked with clients who are motivated and engaged?)

  • You knew exactly what to say to new clients to get them through the door AND what to say to keep them coming back (without feeling like a slimy salesperson)

  • The freedom of being able to choose who you work with and who you don’t without feeling like you’re missing out on much-needed revenue

  • You had a list of clients who refer you to their friends

  • You knew exactly what you have that no one else can replicate

  • You were completely confident in your ability to generate new and consistent revenue today and in the future


You know you’re doing great work in the world


You see your clients getting amazing results from working with you… but why don’t more clients come through the door?

And when they do - they aren’t always the type of client you want. Maybe they are the clients who show up late, late-cancel or just don't show up at all! 

You know the work you’re doing makes a real impact and when you work with those clients who rave about you, who truly “get it” - it’s heart-warming and so so fulfilling.

But where are those clients you assumed would come knocking on your door?

You might be feeling like you’ve tried it all - social media, discounts, free sessions, charity give-aways... but you just can’t seem to get any traction and you're getting frustrated at the lack of forward progress.

That ends now.



I know that but... do you?

Do your clients know?

How about their friends?

...What if EVERYONE knew?

It's time to make that happen.


... The good news is that it’s not you.

You’ve worked hard to become a great teacher and make a REAL difference to your clients lives

you don't need to change

but you do need to change the way you talk about your business

Learn the skills you need to grow

& step up to your profit potential


that's what happens inside

Empowered Branding



During this 10 week group training program you will be taken step-by-step through proven exercises that will:

  • Stop you questioning your value

  • End the comparison of yourself to others

  • Define what you want to be known for

  • Learn how to position yourself to stand out

  • Create a year-long marketing plan to get your business in front of the RIGHT potential clients

  • Make more sales in your business without being pushy or fake

  • Bring you clients who are ready to commit


And, you’ll Finally…

  • Charge what you are worth

  • Develop a consistent revenue stream (with consistent growth)

  • Fill Your Client list with dream clients

  • Have the freedom to work the hours you want

  • Find flow and ease in your business


Empowered Branding doesn’t just teach high-level theory, then leave you to figure out how to implement it all on your own.

It’s about YOU building YOUR business YOUR way. 


I’ll give you all the tools you need including copy and paste email templates, scripts, checklists, content ideas, top tools and more, so you can implement and get results immediately.


what participants say:

I loved gaining clarity around the whole exchange, realizing that my value to clients is far more than a handful of exercises.
— Danielle, Studio Owner
“Since starting just 5 days ago, I already found myself wanting to tell people why they should be coming to my studio! My mind is operating from that place already!”
— Valerie, Studio Owner
Seran Glanfield

Hey there!

I'm Seran Glanfield, for the past 6 years I’ve been working with talented teachers and business owners in the boutique fitness space who want to build stronger & more successful businesses.

Despite being truly amazing at what they do and hearing only fantastic compliments from their clients … many talented wellness entrepreneurs come to me with the same challenge: frustration at the lack of consistent growth in revenue and profit. In many cases, attracting new clients just isn't happening. And when they start to compete with mega-discounts and flash sales, it feels disheartening and, frankly, depressing.

These are ambitious and talented studio owners and instructors. They are not looking to work less. They are looking for more fulfillment, more freedom and less stress. Simply: they want more from their business.

Once we start to work together and I share my method for defining value, developing a strong brand message and a marketing plan based on a high-touch personalized customer journey plan, things started to shift.


Instead of backing away from telling clients what to do, they began sharing their expertise and knowledge and finally got recognition for the amazing work they do...

Instead of backing away from telling clients what to do, they began sharing their expertise and knowledge and finally got recognition for the amazing work they do...

Instead of dropping prices, we raised them....

Instead of dropping prices, we raised them....

Instead of getting clients who weren’t willing to commit, they attracted clients who were willing to be consistent in their visits...

Instead of getting clients who weren’t willing to commit, they attracted clients who were willing to be consistent in their visits...

Instead of chasing people who weren’t really interested, they developed loyal long-lasting relationships with clients who recommended their services to their friends...

Instead of chasing people who weren’t really interested, they developed loyal long-lasting relationships with clients who recommended their services to their friends...


And the best part?

They use these exercises year after year, over and over, to continue to grow their businesses.


Empowered Branding will work for you too, if:

  • You’ve honed your teaching skills to the max but you can’t quite figure out the business basics

  • You have your own business and you’re ready to stop stressing out about where the next client will come from and start making your business more sustainable

  • You’re ready to start your own business

  • You’re ready to take action and shift your mindset to a place of financial success


Empowered Branding isn’t just a branding program

It's the foundation for developing a strong sustainable business that supports you and brings you ease and joy

Instead of spinning your wheels in marketing mud, you’ll have a clear plan for success


What's Inside Empowered Branding?

Spring Three Branding Program
Spring Three

THE EXCHANGE - where value lies

Discover the real impact you have on your clients lives, what that looks like to them and why getting crystal clear on this is the key to your success. Learn how to harness your passion for movement and wellness to create a thriving business.

Distinguish yourself - uncover what makes you unique

Define your core set of values and craft exactly what you should be highlighting to your clients and community to stand out and create a following. This is your brand and forms the foundation of your marketing success.

Empowered Branding
Empowered Branding

a different perspective - understand how clients see you

Identify what clients are really looking for when they find you and what they want you to say and do to keep them coming back. Learn how to cultivate prosperous relationships with your clients that last years (not weeks).

Meaningful Marketing - authentically communicate your value

With all your tools built, now it's time to implement. You'll build an easy-to-use marketing plan that broadcasts your value and shares exactly what you want everyone to know about you. 

Empowered Branding

new for 2018! Sales masterclass!

In this new masterclass, you'll get the lowdown on pricing, packages and how to position your services to bring you more sales WITHOUT the pushy tactics we all loathe. You'll find out the 5 steps for easy sales, when to sell and what to say to make every sale feel natural and genuine.


Your Empowered Branding Experience:

This program has been developed with busy business owners like you in mind. The program is limited to 10 students, so that you and your business receive individualized attention.

In this action-packed program (valued at over $3000), I’ll take you through a method that helps you uncover your unique advantages, understand the REAL value you deliver and find out how to authentically communicate that to your community.

You'll get online access to learning modules {value $2000}. Each module (there are 4 in total) is broken down into short videos of no more than 15 minutes so you can go at your own pace, pause and hit rewind!

Inside each module there are worksheets for you to complete that are specifically designed to make you think differently about your business and apply these concepts directly to your business

We kick-off the program with a one-hour call where you'll get the opportunity to meet your fellow participants and share your goals and challenges for the journey ahead

Then you'll get regular live office hour calls {value $800} where I'll answer your questions, give feedback and you can learn from the experience of your fellow participants.

And, you get to speak with me 1:1 during TWO strategy sessions {value $500} where you'll get personal feedback on your work to accelerate your learning and improve your skills.

I'll send you weekly emails throughout the program full of bonus tools {value $300+} including templates, checklists, real-life examples, scripts, and more...

And, don't forget - the online forum is the place where you can reach your fellow participants 24/7 and is full of support, ideas and inspiration! {value: priceless}

The best part? You get lifetime access to Empowered Branding including any future upgrades and bonus content! 


Total Empowered Branding Program value: $3000+

Total Empowered Branding Investment: $1497

Two payment options are available so you can choose the right option for you:

Pay in full: $1497


Four payments of $399



(to guarantee you the attention you deserve)




If you:

  • Want new clients in your studio

  • Want to improve retention numbers

  • Dream of filling your schedule with amazing, loyal clients

  • Feel tired of investing in clients who aren’t committed

  • Often second guess your pricing

  • Feel uncomfortable “selling" your services

  • Have a ton of ideas for what you want to do and where you want to go, but aren't sure where to start?

And, you are a fitness professional who:

  • Wants to up your game

  • Is serious about building a business worth talking about

  • Wants a clear vision for your business and where to take it

  • Is ready for more and ready to take action to get there

I'll look forward to seeing you inside!



I know it can be overwhelming to sift through the tons of advice you see daily about running a business and being more productive… there is so much information out there that you feel you are never doing enough, or else perhaps it paralyzes you from even getting started.

This course is created just for Pilates and fitness professionals. Therefore, everything you learn, and that we discuss, will be totally applicable

I’ve seen time and time again that the fastest way to get results is to get help and support… and boy will this program kick you into action! With the homework to keep you accountable, your co-collaborators to share your experiences with and learn from AND our strategy sessions to focus 100% on YOUR unique challenges… you’re going to be going places my friend!

My goal for you is to give you a clear plan that will enable you to build the foundations of a profitable client-based business. I sincerely hope you'll join us. 

About your program host: Seran Glanfield BSc, PMA-CPT

Seran Glanfield

Seran Glanfield is a business strategist who works exclusively with boutique fitness studio owners and instructors. Her signature business training programs translate business theory, concepts and insight into practical action that propels her clients to develop opportunities, create momentum, and get real results.

As a Certified Pilates teacher (Seran trained with Romana’s Pilates), Seran understands first-hand the nuances of the Pilates world. And, with more than 10 years of experience in business, Seran helps her clients fill in the gaps to build skills beyond teaching, in areas such as strategy, marketing, leadership, customer service, operations and more, bringing the same dynamic and encouraging approach her clients came to know in her pilates teaching.

A strong business brings increased opportunities to all those associated with it, and with the right combination of smart business acumen and passion for their work, clients of Spring Three become an unstoppable force in an increasingly competitive industry.


Disclaimer: We've taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent this program and the ability of this program to help you grow your business. Each persons results will vary. You alone are responsible for your actions and results which are dependent on personal factors including your skill knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, as a result of using our programs and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates and there is no guarantee that you will make these levels yourself. If you have any questions, please contact customer support at hello@springthree.com