Our Philosophy

“At the heart of this business is the desire to make a healthy balanced lifestyle accessible and available to everyone.

by supporting the businesses that make this possible I do what i can to contribute to a happier, fitter and healthier world”

What Clients Say:

Three years into our business, we were in need of a refresh. I had done some business coaching in the past and it was one of the best things I’d ever done so I went into Spring Three’s program with high expectations but my husband and business partner was reluctant to spend money on something he viewed as unnecessary. After our first call, we were both blown away with excitement for the changes we had just envisioned with Seran. We’ve been able to make those changes happen and loved the process.
— Alisa Wyatt, Pilatesology
Seran was extremely helpful in opening my eyes to see efficient ways to execute tasks that I had long been thinking about accomplishing but never did, due to lack of time management. When you wear all the hats in your business it’s challenging to feel like you can give 100% in all areas. Seran showed me that I CAN give 100% to all the areas of business that need addressing and still have time for myself. Before the program, I felt like I was scrambling playing all the different roles that needed to be played. After the program, I feel as though my mind and body have been reconnected and I have the tools I need to run a successful business and still have the time for the other important components in my life. Thank you, Seran! It’s been a pleasure working with you!
— Aubrey Johnson, Moxie Mind & Body Pilates Studio
I have found my work with Spring Three extremely helpful in defining my professional goals and creating a structure from which to achieve them. I was able to directly apply the the skills I learned to my business. Seran was thoughtful in addressing the needs of my specific business while also helping me to see the broader picture of the fitness industry. I will be able to continually be able to use the tools given to me by Spring Three in the future development of my business and career. This is an invaluable learning experience
— Victoria Torrie-Capan, Pilates on 66, New York
As a pilates instructor/studio owner who loves to teach and work with clients, I came to Seran with lots of experience working IN my business, but needing guidance in how best to work ON my business and create work/life balance for myself. Together we analyzed my business offerings, why I do what I do, who my clients are, opportunities for growth, and how I might be holding myself back. It was a great learning experience, and gave me a lot of insight into optimizing my business, as well as practical tools/tips to make everyday operations run smoothly and efficiently. Seran is a great coach, easy to talk to and able to see the big picture, and I liked that she pushed me towards ideas and activities that are less comfortable for me. Today I have a clearer sense of my strengths and how best to use them, and a solid roadmap to take my business forward.
— Lisa Jones, Lisa Jones Pilates
This was the most amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend the marketing program. I have been in business for 8 years and my studio was struggling, primarily because I didn’t really understand how to market it. I came into this business from a 25 year career in academia and was very confident of my teaching skills, but knew nothing about running a business. Seran was able to demystify the whole branding & marketing process for me in a way that was easy for me to grasp. She very quickly assessed both me and my business and tailored the sessions to my specific needs and learning style. Through each session I began to see the formation of my brand and how I could successfully market it and rebuild my business. By the end of the course I had all the tools to build a new website, implement marketing strategies and plans that I know will help me regrow my business and be successful again.
— Steven, Aussie Fitness
I am so thankful that I found Seran when I was starting my business. In fact, I do not think I would have been able to do it without her! In my experience, it is so difficult to find the right partner or advisor to understand the inner workings as a small business, especially one as unique as a fitness based venture. Seran offers a truly unprecedented blend of industry insight combined with business acumen. She is skilled in bringing projects from conception to completion, shaping the big picture right through to working through the small details
— Andrea Debellis, wellness entrepreneur
It’s been very helpful to have the insight of someone who truly understands the fitness world (UK and USA based) look at our business through a fresh pair of eyes to help us uncover new opportunities and area’s of improvement. I would very much recommend these services to any small businesses that is looking to create a strong and structured foundation upon which to build and grow their business.
— Founder, Pilates Studio, London
‘Having Spring Three for almost a year was a great investment for our brand and a big step up on our business journey. Everything was guided step by step in a very clear and educational way, and as a result we at The Field have a much clearer way to make decisions and most importantly, having practical tools to grow our business and improve our services. Thank you Seran!’
— Danielle Kleber, The Field Training Lifestyle Centre, London