Ready to stop the overwhelm

And map out a clear plan of action toward a successful 2022?

You have already come so far...

But, you have more you want to achieve in your business

Your challenge is figuring out how to prioritize your time...

And where to focus for maximum impact

And... you're not sure where to start to make it  ALL happen

Yes - Your Success Is Possible. 

(If you plan for it)

Over and over again, I’ve seen that the business owners who consistently reach their goals and reach the profitability they want, are those that create, and stick to a plan.


Those who struggle are the ones that bounce from one month to the next, chasing new ideas and not staying focused on what will move their business forward.


I will help you create a plan that is in total alignment with the business you want for yourself, find the flow you long for, and put you in a place where you are in complete control of your accomplishments.

Yes, it's back (and better than ever!)


join me to create your step-by-step plan that will propel your business forward in 2022


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Hey there, I'm Seran...

... and I LOVE a solid plan.

I've discovered the hard way that planning helps me stay centered and connected to the things that matter most. 

When you plan for growth... 

Growth happens.

When you wait for growth... keep waiting.

When I plan right, I move forward faster, and I am more able to adapt to whatever life throws my way. 

 This masterclass is all about how you can keep making progress to build and grow your business without overwhelm and stress.

My goal? You walk away excited for what you'll accomplish and confident in your commitment to focusing on the exact actions that will make the biggest impact.

 It's possible. Let me show you how...

xo Seran



Businesses who plan grow 60% faster than those who don't

What You Get Inside:



Instant access to the 3-Part Online Planning Mini-Course filled with all the resources and guidance you need to map out your best year yet. Dive into your planning immediately!


LIVE WORKSHOP #1: Your Year In Review Live Workshop (90mins) where we take a step back to evaluate what worked and what didn't over the last 12 months (this is where we discover the major opportunities in your business)

Wednesday December 8th at 3.30pm ET

(replay available)


LIVE WORKSHOP #2: Planning For Your Best Year Live Workshop (90mins) where we map out your top priorities for each quarter and each month so that you start the new year with a clear road map on where to focus your time and energy

Tuesday December 14th at 1pm ET 

(replay available)


Your 2022 Planning Masterclass Workbook where you create your action plan based on your unique goals. This becomes your personalized growth roadmap for 2022


Exclusive Bonus 1: Grow Your Client List - A step-by-step guide

Exclusive Bonus 2: 3 Types Of Content You Need For Social Media



"Working with Seran has given me more time for myself, working less hours and making more money."

Janie Jennings
Studio Owner

The Plan (for our planning session!)


Your Year In Review 

Some major changes happened to your business in 2021 that we can't ignore. You start by doing a full review of what went well and didn't - and we'll check out those numbers too ;)


Looking Forward - Your Vision

This is where you brainstorm all your ideas. Then I'll take you step-by-step through how to organize those ideas into goals and a vision for your business.


The Plan

Next, put it all together and create a blueprint that guide you toward your vision and goals (including all the resources you'll need and even what you need to stop doing to reach the next level of success).


The best part? We do this together! 

You'll get access to my step-by-step training immediately on how to reflect on your business in a powerful and intentional way, how to take all your ideas and put them on paper and then we join forces (not just once but TWICE) via Zoom and I help you create a plan that is in total alignment with what you want for yourself and your business and answer all your big questions.

Where do you turn for real business guidance?

If the last 18m left you feeling fatigued, frustrated or uninspired...  then 2021 was about pushing through despite the disruption and uncertainty. 

We've never been through anything like this before.

You have adapted, pivoted and persevered, making every effort to sustain your business and keep revenue coming in through the door.

Now's the time to shift toward a more proactive approach.

Let's optimize your business and prepare you and your business for the next chapter (and kick off the new year with a bang!)

Planning Masterclass 2022


  • Instant access to the 3-part Online Planning Mini-Course so you can get planning right away 
  • 2 LIVE 90 min Workshops to work on your plan together and get your questions answered
    • Your Year In Review Live 90-min Workshop on December 8th at 3.30pm ET 
    • Planning For Your Best Year Live 90-min workshop on December 14th at 1pm ET 
  • Access to workshop replays 
  •  Planning Masterclass Workbook and Organizer  

    🌟 Bonus: 3 Types Of Content You Need For Social Media

    🌟 Bonus: Grow Your Client List - A step-by-step guide



And set  yourself up for success in 2022

LIVE workshop starts in:









"Thank you for everything! It’s all coming together and some things are finally getting checked off the list!"

Natalie Garcia,
Studio Owner

hope, clarity and direction

You deserve to walk into 2022 with confidence and a plan. When you have a system and a strategy to make your ideas and dreams become real, you set goals that are real and achievable. Having a proven annual planning strategy is your best bet for success when walking into the new year.

Ready To Sign Up?

Don't sit on this. This masterclass (and all the goodies inside) will give you the clarity you need to help you avoid making some of the biggest mistakes studio owners make when it comes to creating a plan for the new year.