Hey, I’m Seran! 


 I help studio owners 

optimize their business to attract more clients, improve retention and implement time-saving systems so that they can generate more revenue doing what they love...

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For over 10 years I’ve been in the boutique fitness industry helping studio owners transform and grow their business with practical tools and tons of insight and support. 


I’m also a Mom, Wife, business consultant, podcast host, marketing expert and a pilates fanatic


(confession: I love barre, running, spin and a flowing yoga class too!)

When I started out as a Pilates teacher

in the boutique fitness world, I spent every spare penny on continuing education which made me a better teacher (and filled my happiness cup) but had absolutely zero impact on my business income.


And, I was working at both ends of the day, wearing all the hats and was exhausted from being constantly “on”.


The truth is: it doesn't have to be that way.


Running your own business can be both profitable and fulfilling when you have a solid plan and the right support to guide you forward. 


What we know is that success doesn’t happen by following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing.

There is NOT one way to build a business,

but I do believe there IS a way that is best for YOU


To grow, you need tactics and strategies that will work for YOUR business and YOUR vision.

When We Work Together I’ll help you:

  • refine your marketing message so that your clients know why they should choose you (over other studios and workout options)
  • understand your data so that you know exactly what's working and what isn't in your business
  • implement practical strategies to overcome the challenges that are keeping you stuck
  • break-down your marketing into clear actionable steps that map out your visibility and communication plan
  • find clarity and focus in your business with time-saving systems so that you stay out of overwhelm and can spend more time with the people you love (and you’ll have plenty of time for your own workout too!)
Let me show you how

“at the heart of this business is the desire to make a healthy, balanced lifestyle accessible and available to all...


...by supporting the studio owners that make this possible, we do what we can to contribute to a happier, fitter and healthier world”

A little more about Seran:

Seran is a Certified Business Consultant, a Certified Pilates teacher (Romana’s Pilates) with a degree in Management from the London School of Economics. 

She is uber passionate about supporting boutique fitness studio owners in building profitable and sustainable businesses with the a combination of proven tactics, strategic thinking, next-level resources and industry expertise.

When not helping inspirational wellness entrepreneurs like you to spread their magic, Seran is usually found in her lulu’s with a coffee in hand, hanging at the beach with her family!

Let’s work together

A little more about me:

I am a Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant, a Certified Pilates teacher (Romana’s Pilates) and I have a degree in Management from the London School of Economics. 

I am uber passionate about supporting you to build a profitable and sustainable business with the right combination of proven tactics, strategic thinking and industry expertise.

When I’m not helping inspirational wellness peeps like you to spread their magic, I’m usually found in my lulu’s with a green juice AND coffee, running around after my three young kiddos!


Meet the team... 


Business Success Coach 

With over a decade of experience in the boutique fitness industry, Tiffany comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge. From her time as a teacher, studio manager, Marketing Manager for Mindbody, and a Senior Onboarding Specialist at Walla she has the ability to not only understand where you’re coming from as a studio owner but also has an in-depth knowledge of how to do everything behind the scenes! As our customer success and project manager, she’ll be there every step of the way to help you along your business journey inside our programs!


HR Expert, Business Coach & Movement Teacher

With 40 years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry Katie supports our studio owners inside Thrive on people management, labor compliance, leadership, studio operations and best practices. 


Operations assistant and marketing coordinator 

Nina supports our team and our studio owners with her magical organizational skills and her eye for detail and design.

Ready to uplevel your studio business?

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