A hybrid of results-orientated coaching & business mentorship to optimize your studio business for maximum profit and fulfillment

A group coaching & mastermind program that will inspire, inform and support you as you build your business

Are you struggling to know where to focus in your business?

Do you have questions about how to grow and what will work your your unique studio business?

If you’re a teacher or studio owner wanting to grow at an accelerated pace with industry-specific training, insight, and accountability, joining Thrive will be the best decision you’ll make this year!

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A 6-week step-by-step program with online access-anytime education, live weekly calls, resources, templates and answers to all your marketing questions.

Find out how to implement proven marketing strategies and a repeatable system for getting and retaining clients for years to come. 

The only way to stand out from the crowd, attract the right clients and increase retention, is to develop a marketing strategy and brand-specific messaging that is consistent with you and your vision.

This program helps to develop your unique brand message and shows you how to talk about your business in the most impactful way so that you can attract new leads, make more sales and  retain the clients you love!

Investment: From $399/month

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Dive into your unique business questions and develop a next-level plan for growth with bi-weekly calls, access to industry specific resources and added accountability.

If you’ve gone far enough alone and you’re looking for a mentor that’s truly going to listen and help you reach for more, then 1:1 coaching will elevate your business.

After an in-depth look at your numbers and your big business vision we develop the strategies you need to up-level your business - fast.

Investment: $599/month (3 month minimum)

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