110. Software that supports profit and growth with Laura Munkholm from Walla

podcast Apr 23, 2023

Your scheduling software is more than a booking system - it’s a complete client management and communication and studio management system. 


And we have more options than ever - so if you’re looking for software that is easy for you to build and grow your business - how do you decide which option is best for you?


First - when choosing a studio management system, it is important to consider your budget, the size of your studio, and the specific features you need.


And then… there are 2 KEY FACTORS to consider:


  • Access to information that will help you make smart business decisions
  • How your software can facilitate an amazing client experience and enable you to communicate with your clients at the perfect time


Laura Munkholm, CEO and Founder is back on the podcast diving the latest and greatest when it comes to software and what really matters for making day-to-day operations easy

Check out Walla software here: https://www.hellowalla.com



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