122. Alycea Ungaro On All Things Pilates

podcast Jul 16, 2023

Ever wondered how a ballerina with a repetitive ankle injury found her way to becoming an icon in the Pilates industry?

Join us as we chat with Alycea Ungaro, a published authority on fitness and wellness, a licensed physical therapist, and the owner of a successful Pilates teacher training program. Alycea shares her incredible journey, from discovering Pilates to being invited to teach a mat class in Romana Kryzanowska's studio after just one lesson. Listen in to find out how Alycea passed her first test as a Pilates teacher and what it was like learning to teach in the 90s!

Transitioning from Pilates student to author and studio owner, Alycea delves into her experience studying with Pilates legend Romana Kryzanowska and the process of creating her bestselling books.

As a passionate advocate for wellness and fitness, Alycea shares her thoughts on the future of the industry, discussing current trends and how people are becoming smarter about their physical and mental wellbeing.  Get inspired by Alycea's insights and tips for creating a successful and fulfilling boutique fitness business.

Connect with Alycea at Real Pilates NYC
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