13. Industry Trends: Laura Munkholm talks new developments and solutions to old problems

podcast Jul 08, 2021

If you’re overwhelmed by all the different software platforms available to you as a studio owner and you’re having a hard time figuring out exactly what your business needs from new software… or even how to navigate the software  you have right now… you’re not alone..and you’re going to love this episode


 to help you run a thriving studio with stable income and effective marketing… then  you’re going to love this episode


I’m talking to Laura Munkholm co-founder and president of Walla, an innovative new studio software that is designed to help your business grow, as a scheduling platform, payment processor and marketing machine. 


Listen in and hear what Laura saw as missing from existing platforms and why she decided to create this platform from scratch.

Learn more about Walla at https://www.hellowalla.com

Connect on Instagram @wallasoftware

πŸ™ Enjoy! πŸ™ 

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