136. Switching Software - What You Need To Know with Jan Taylor

podcast Oct 23, 2023

Ever wondered how tech can elevate your client experience and grow your boutique fitness studio business? Jan from GetLivelyNow joins me, Seran Glanfield,  to share her journey and insights on making the switch between studio management software (your booking system!).


🔄 Software Switch - get practical advice on managing software transitions, leveraging automated tools for efficiency, and innovating with new pricing models and service offerings. 


📈 Smart Selling & Pricing: Learn how modern software platforms are revolutionizing the way services are priced and sold.


🛠️ Tech Tools & Tips: Jan provides her non-negotiables when choosing a new platform and discusses the benefits of automated reporting.


📱 Mobile Magic & Staff Training: Discover the unexpected surprises and necessities that came with transitioning to a new platform.


Eager to learn how embracing tech can set your fitness business on a path to success? 🎧 


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