14. Success Planning: The Habit That Helps Studio Owners Avoid Overwhelm (& Burnout)

podcast Jul 18, 2021

Sometimes it’s not about doing more, sometimes it’s about letting go of things or stopping doing things. I see so often clients are very focused on the immediate problems, putting out those fires, solving what’s right in front of them.

When that happens, you are in a constant state of reaction and you quickly lose sight of your vision of what you wanted to build.

That vision you have for your business is out there.


However, transforming that into reality takes some planning. Recognizing not only what you need or what you are lacking is important but so is making best use of the resources, people, skills and reach that you already have to get there.


Tune into this episode to join me for a planning session, I’ll walk you through all of the questions that I ask my program members to gain clarity and direction toward their vision! 


πŸ™ Enjoy! πŸ™ 

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