30. From “Reluctant” Studio Owner To A Thriving Business With Molly Niles Renshaw

podcast Nov 08, 2021

Today I get to chat with Molly Niles Renshaw of Phoenix Classical Pilates in Santa Monica, California. Molly trained as a teacher under Romana Kryzanowska nearly 22 years ago and shares her journey to becoming a business owner after working inside other studios for 17 years!

Listen in and hear how Molly who called herself a “reluctant Studio Owner” built a business she loves including:

🌟How Molly got started as a teacher in New York in 1999

🔑The ins and outs of building a business with a friend

💫The mentors Molly met along the way and how that shaped her attitude toward business

💡The antidote to busyness as a badge of honor.

This is a gem of an episode - enjoy!


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