68. How your beliefs are holding you back from your success with Mindi Huebner

podcast Jul 04, 2022

So much of our success hinges on our beliefs around our abilities. At a certain point, this can become a big stumbling block for all business owners - regardless of the industry you're in.


Imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs are terms you may have heard floating around - but what do they really mean and how are they impacting your growth? 


Listen in as I speak with my guest Mindi Huebener, whose number one mission is helping women to reveal and release their limiting beliefs and embrace the confident, wildly successful humans they were made to be. 


Mindi Huebner is an Intuitive Mindset Mastery Coach, NLP practitioner, a certified Health, Life and Success coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She knows rewiring your brain is the key to unlocking your magic so that you can create a soul-aligned business and extraordinary life. 


To learn more about Mindi, visit her website here.

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