86. Become a Video Pro with Mason Bendewald

podcast Nov 07, 2022

We all know how important video is for your business, even if you’re not currently offering an online class.


It’s everywhere (hello Instagram TikTok, YouTube… and all the others)


But, like you, getting in front of the camera is not always easy. It was great to hear from an expert in fitness video production, that it’s perfectly NORMAL to feel this way and that there are things you can do (easy things) that will help you become a pro on camera.


Mason Bendewald was behind the insanely popular P90X and was Chief Production Officer for Daily Burn… so, he knows a thing or two about teaching fitness and movement on camera!

And, in this week’s podcast episode we talk all about:

  • Why being in Front of the Camera is Critical
  • What you need to get started (YES - there’s still room for you!)
  • How to create engaging videos your clients will want to watch over and over again

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