140. Your Financial Wellness with Nina Israel

podcast Nov 20, 2023

As studio owners, we're passionate about movement, health, and transforming lives through our practice. But, to make that passion sustainable, we must also be financially savvy. The choices we make regarding pricing, investments, and budgeting directly influence our studio's ability to thrive. It's not just about revenue; it's about creating a business that supports your dreams and helps you make a lasting impact.


My guest, Nina Israel, is the numbers wizard you didn't know you needed! She has a knack for making you comfortable with your financial figures and identifying hidden opportunities for growth in your business.


During this episode, we'll explore the importance of financial well-being for studio owners. We'll discuss how a healthy financial mindset can lead to more informed, confident, and strategic decisions.


Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen the financial backbone of your studio and to explore how your relationship with money can become a strategic asset


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